Movement Muse: Meg Entrata

by Japs Medina July 01, 2019

From clinically obese to being fit as a fiddle, Meg Entrata opens up about her fitness journey

All in a day's workout: cardio and weightlifting are Meg's staples in a gym session

If you’ve heard of Learning on the Gogh, a group that customizes arts and crafts activities for children, you have probably heard of Meg Entrata. “Teacher Meg” is not only gifted in the sphere of creative arts but is also a natural charmer when it comes to children. Her easygoing nature easily wins over even the toughest of little tykes.

Despite her jovial nature with kids, Meg becomes the exact opposite when it comes to fitness. She takes the saying “train like a beast” to heart – and it shows in her gym sessions.

The self-confessed gym and sports junkie opened up to about her fitness journey and her preferences when it comes to picking out activewear.

Go from workout to work wear by donning wide legged pants over a bodysuit

A see-through jelly bag puts a twist to your post-workout look

What is fitness to you?

Fitness for me is not just limited to physical fitness, or our ability to do physical work easily. I think fitness is more of a holistic thing. We should be mentally and emotionally fit as well. 

Tell us a bit about your fitness journey.

I started going to the gym right after college because I was clinically obese. I was 170lbs with a 37inch waistline. I enrolled at a nearby gym and I never stopped going up to now. Apart from the gym, I also do different sports.

After deciding to change her unhealthy lifestyle, Meg now hits the gym five times a week

Investing in cute activewear is part of Meg's motivation for hitting the gym

How often do you workout in a week? What does your daily workout look like?

I workout 5x a week. It's usually a combination of cardio and weight lifting. 

If we looked in your gym bag, what would we see?

Well, my toiletry kit and change of clothes because I shower in the gym before going to work. I also bring my own skip rope and resistance bands for my workout. 

What’s your favorite activewear piece to shop for? What are the things you consider when picking out activewear?

Sports bra! When shopping for activewear, the support must be really good. I really invest in quality pieces because I use my workout clothes a lot.

Meg enjoys shopping for sports bras more than other activewear

 Do you have a pre and post-workout routine?

I just stretch before and after my workout. 

They say fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% working out. Do you follow a nutrition plan?

I just try to avoid fast food, chips, and sweets. I'm not successful most days though. Haha! 

Despite her feminine flair, Meg enjoys an active lifestyle by engaging in sports

Meg's advice to fitness newbies: find an activity you enjoy and just go for it

Do you have fitness muses?

My older sister Suzi Abrera. She super fit and strong!

What advice would you give to people who want to start a more active fitness lifestyle?

Find a sport or activity that you enjoy doing and just go for it. Progress slowly to avoid injuries. You can also go with a workout buddy to make your workouts more fun! Invest also in good workout clothes because they really last longer plus it also helps to look cute in the gym. 😉

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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