How to Pick the Right Frames for Your Face

by Japs Medina June 02, 2019

A pair of angled glasses with rounded bottoms are great for balancing lines on the face

More than just being functional, eyeglasses have quickly become a must-have accessory today. With more stylish frames coming out in the market we can’t exactly blame anyone for wanting to jump on the bandwagon. Apart from it being a quick way to refresh your look (think instantly transforming from chic to preppy), it’s also a great way to look put together on days when you just don’t have enough prep time.

While this may be the case, we find that most people don’t have the slightest clue when it comes to picking out the right frames. We’ve laid out some easy, breezy guidelines to picking out the right frame that will suit your face.

Thick frames work well with softer faces because they add definition

1. Know your basic face shape and which frame shapes go with it.

When picking out the right frames, it’s important to have an idea of what your basic face shape is. Faces differ from one person to another so these shapes serve as a primary guide and are not exclusive.

Take note that your resting face shape may not be the same as the one when you are smiling widely. Make sure to study your face shape in both states to pick out frames better.

Also, determine whether your face is more angular or soft.

Heart-shaped/upside down triangle – these face shapes tend to have a pointier chin and a wide forehead. This type of face shape can range from a more angular to rounder lines but are usually characterized by defined cheekbones. Frames that are busier or wider at the bottom part usually work well with this type of face shape.

Round – characterized by fuller cheeks, forehead, and chin. This face type is defined by rounder shapes so angled glasses work well with it. The idea is to break the roundness of the face with some sharp lines. Rectangular glasses would be our pick for this face type.

Cateye frames balance a narrow forehead and less pronounced chin

Triangle – typically more angular, the triangular face shape is usually defined by a strong jaw and a narrow forehead. Try to balance this face shape by going for cat-eye, two-toned or half-rimmed glasses.

Square – a wide forehead, angular cheeks, and a less pointed chin typically defines this face shape. Since square faces are more angled, the idea is to soften it with rounder frames. Make sure to pick frames that are wider than the cheekbones so that the proportion doesn’t seem off. Go for thinner, more delicate frames to minimize the angles and bulk on the face.

Rectangle – similar to the square, people with this type of face shape tend to have the same characteristics but elongated. Frames that look good on this face type are similar to the square ones.

Oval and oblong – both shapes share the same characteristics of fuller cheeks and forehead on an elongated frame, but oval tends to have a more pointed chin. Oblong typically looks better with curved or rounded frames that break up the length. Oval faces tend to look good with any frame type.

Round frames work well with square or rectangular faces because it helps break up the angles

2. Choose the right frame size.

The right frame type for your face may not work if the sizing is off. Make sure to study your features and face size in proportion to the frames to determine if the frames look flattering on you.

Make sure to keep the top of the frames underneath your eyebrow line. Obscured eyebrows will affect your facial expressions.

Make sure to pick out the right frame size and color by studying your face features

3. Choose the right color.

Just as you were picking out the right foundation for your skin, picking out frames that are flattering to your skin color can do wonders. If you have lighter eyes or dyed hair, you may also want to consider those details in picking out the hue of your frames.

Lastly, don’t stay in the box. This guide provides the basics for picking out proper frames more accurately but don’t be afraid to get out of your box every now and then. If those glasses staring at your from the shelf look really cute, you won’t lose anything by trying them on anyway. 


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Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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