Seek Squad: Meet our Stylist Nasia

by Japs Medina July 19, 2019

Nasia styles up the Tecuci jumpsuit with her own unique flair

When one thinks of the Seek aesthetic, bold prints, loud colors, big sleeves, and even bigger skirts come to mind. To imagine the forces behind the signature STU look would probably conjure up a few office scenes from The Devil Wears Prada. If you meet resident stylist Nasia Cammayo, however, you would quickly know that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Nasia differs from the usual stylists by exuding a designer’s air about her. There’s an almost nonchalant casualness to her everyday dressing, as if to say that the greatest work of her hands are reserved for her subjects – her masterpieces. At the same time, she works with a quiet humility about her.

Trust us on this though: she can pack a punch with a hilarious quip or two.

Meet Seek the Uniq’s beloved coffee-crazy stylist, Nasia Cammayo.

What’s your position at Seek the Uniq?

Fashion Stylist/Writer/Merchandising Team Member

Describe your daily uniform.

It's usually a white tee with rolled up sleeves, high waist jeans or wide leg pants, silver jewelry, my glasses, and sneakers. 

STU's resident stylist experiments with her look by using a puff sleeve top as a jacket

Which style icon (dead or alive) would you want to have lunch with?

I would love to have lunch with the Olsen twins, Pharrell Williams, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, and award-winning costume designer, Edith Head. So hard to choose!

If you could ask one thing to that style icon, what would it be?

I would ask them: What point in your life did you realize that you were interested in fashion and wanted to be in it?

What do you love about your job?

The team energy, getting to touch and see new products firsthand, and creating stories/building looks. Also, having the flexibility with time, since I am first and foremost, a freelance fashion stylist.

We know that you’re quite the sneakerhead. How did your love for them start?

It started when my aunt used to work for Puma and she always gifted us (on Christmas or birthdays) with the coolest sneaker styles that weren't even available in Manila yet. I'd wear them with jeans, skirts, cropped pants, and so on! I would always get compliments and comments that they've never seen that style yet in the malls.

Leather boots are only one of Nasia's style must-haves

The resident STU stylist shows off her knack for detail

Unlimited supply of premium coffee beans or the sneakers of your dreams?

Wahhhhh! I'd probably go for the unlimited supply of premium coffee beans for now, since I currently don't have a dream pair of sneakers. I'm pretty happy with the pairs that I have. I have a dream bag/bags, though! Haha!

Tell us one styling story that you find memorable.

I had the opportunity to style the late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago for a magazine feature. I was so nervous—the entire team, actually—because I knew how scary she was, but I've always admired her (I even voted for her as President in the 2016 elections!). Cut to when she arrived and I already helped her get ready, it was she who broke the ice and started cracking jokes. We all finally got to breathe! Haha! We even have a hugging photo!

If you could take only three items from the STU site, what would they be and why?

Tough question because there's always something new or something I like that gets sold out! For now, the Petrosani wide leg pants, because I've always been a fan of Seek's wide leg pant styles (the wider, the better!); the Guyam sling bag because it's a multi-way bag with unique details and that Filipino touch; and the Onzie mesh hoodie because I can wear it to a workout and beyond.

Favorite fashion hack.

Layering, wearing loose over loose with nonchalance, and rolling up the sleeves of my shirt/top!

Coffee or sneakers: Nasia reveals she would pick an unlimited coffee supply over the sneakers of her dreams

If you weren't a stylist, what would you have been?

A costume designer, creative director, hip-hop dancer/choreographer, or theater/broadway actress.

What are some of your biggest fashion regrets?

Being a careless shopper when I was younger, giving away my elephant pants from high school, and not buying those Alexander Wang shoes while on a trip to Hawaii because we were in a hurry (it still haunts me today)!

Styling pet peeve?

Not experimenting or wearing all trends at once.

If you could impart styling advice to our Seekers, what would it be?

Never say never, be open to different styles and colors, expose yourself to what's new and even fashion history, embrace your body type, and ALWAYS dress for yourself and not for anyone else.

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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