Inspired Approach to Sustainable Packaging: Unwrap is the New Unbox

by Japs Medina August 03, 2019

Inspired by the Japanese art form Furoshiki, STU's new packaging is both beautiful and environment-friendly

In an effort to reduce waste and our local footprint we are taking a considered approach to packaging. As much as we love a good unboxing experience, we love our planet more, therefore, we are discontinuing our use of corrugated boxes. In lieu of it is a furoshiki-inspired cotton cloth we have created with circularity in mind.

The wrapping cloth can be used as an everyday table napkin

How can the new Seek The Uniq cloth packaging be reused? Let us count the ways.

1. As a table napkin.

If you’re not the tissue napkin kind even on your most casual days, our wrapping cloth can double up as an everyday table napkin. The print is fun for kids, savvy for mom and dad, and is an all-around looker for guests.

From our end, we think it’s best served with popcorn.

Add texture to corners of your home with our lovely black-and-white print

2. As an all-around home accent.

There is always some spot in the house that can use that extra something. Whether it’s a bar cart that looks too stiff, or solid accents that need a little texture in between, our wrapping cloth may be the touch of texture that your interior designer self has been looking for.

Insert fresh personality into a tablescape by reusing our strategically sized wrapping cloth as placemats

3. As placemats.

Switch out your usual placemats for our wrapping cloth for an instant tablescape change up. We especially love how they inject fresh personality to a classic dining table.

Instantly transform your tote by using the cloth as a knotted accessory

4. As fashionable accessories.

Everyone knows that we love our versatile scarves. Use the wrapping cloth as a hair accessory: bandana, headband, ponytail scarf, among other great styling ideas. Some other suggestions are to tie the cloth around your wrist and layer with bracelets, belt loop accessories, or even securely knotted on your favorite tote.

These, of course, are just some of the ways to reuse our furoshiki-inspired cloth. You can go as far as your imagination will allow you to go (like sewing them up together to create canvas bags).

For a cause that helps the environment and gives back in more ways than one, everybody goes home a winner.

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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