Ways to Wear: The Bystre Set

by Japs Medina September 20, 2019

More than just a set, the Bystre has a versatility that sees no end

We love sets. They're a stylish, no-brainer way of getting dressed on busy mornings. Even on not-so-chaotic days, slipping them on just feels cozy and familiar - kind of like home. 

On some days we like to mix up things. As much as we hate to break a pair apart, in certain cases we can't resist to mix-and-match set pieces and appreciate their versatility.

Such is the case for the Bystre top-and-skirt set. We came up with three ways to wear this beautiful printed duo.

1. The Staycationer

A woven hat is a must for wanderlusts in the city

If you're like most of us, sometimes the city life can get too stuffy. In lieu of an actual momentary recluse - which can be a luxury when life demands too much of your time - we like to at least dress the part.

Have a short coffee sesh with your best gals in your vacation's best. We like to pair the Bystre set with a woven hat and bag to get that glammed up outdoor feel.

We can almost smell the palm trees and coconuts.

A morning in solitude can feel like a mini-vacation with the right accessories

2. The '90s Kid

Doing the '90s look the Seek way

One need not have lived out the '90s to dress the part - binge-watching a season of Friends is more than enough to have one reaching for those mom jeans.

While we love the said fashion era, we couldn't resist inserting a bit of Seek flair into it. Wear the Bystre top backwards with jeans for a fresh feel. Finish the look with chunky sunglasses, a woven sling bag, and leather slip-on flats.

For a more sophisticated feel, switch out your sling with a small leather one in a sunny hue.

Wear the Bystre top backwards for an entirely fresh feel

A sunny-hued sling bag can instantly add sophistication

3. The Casually Dolled Up

Our tropical city take on athleisure involves a print ruffle skirt

There are days when our outfits are built entirely on contrasts

Sometimes we build outfits entirely on contrasts. Our tropical city take on athleisure involves the Bystre skirt, a white tee (knotted at the back for a more laid back feel), and flatforms.

To finish the look, don a just-got-out-of-bed hairstyle, drop earrings, and a leather sling bag with gold accents.

For chilly days, grab a cropped blazer to pull the outfit together.

Finish off your look with just-got-out-bed hair and gold accents


Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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