Ways to Wear: The Onesti Polka Top

by Japs Medina October 19, 2019

Four looks, one top: sky's the limit with the Onesti top

When it comes to wearing crop tops, rock hard abs need not be a prerequisite - it's all a matter of proportion. One need not go full-on Britney Spears to pull off the cropped look. You can go from little to no midriff exposure depending on how you pull your outfit together.

Let us show you what we mean. Here are four ways to wear the Onesti polka top:

1. The Festival Babe

Add a little spunk to your look with a denim skirt, boots, and a chunky pair of sunglasses

If you're looking for a little rock and roll in your life, this would be one way to get it. Sport a spunky chic look by wearing the Onesti with a high waist denim skirt, white boots, and chunky sunglasses. Throw in a little bucket bag for a quirky detail.

Coachella optional. We'd totally wear this to the mall. Or to walk the dog.

2. Pattern People

Proportions aside, we also love mixing patterns

Move over party people - the pattern people are taking over. Play around with the polka print by contrasting it with a frilly striped skirt. Err on the side of tame eclectic with a pair of ghost mules, attention-calling earrings, and a teeny, tiny purse. 

Fashion tip: wrap skirts are an easy way to control your amount of skin exposure.

What's not to love about this adorable teeny, tiny purse?

3. Almost Athleisure

Debunking the myth: Seekers actually love their sneakers

Let us debunk the myth that Seekers are not the sneakers type. Though this look may have missed the athleisure mark by a bit, we totally did that on purpose. After all, what is an OOTD if we didn't put our Seek flair into it?

Pair the Onesti with wide leg crop pants and your favorite sneaks. Add a sling bag and oversized glasses to complete the look.

Nerd undeterred: we'll gladly wear a pair of oversized glasses any given day

Sling bags hit the mark on comfort, style, and functionality

4. The Only Resort

The only resort look that matters is one that involves paper bag shorts

Stow away your sheer caftans for now and walk on the wilder side of the fashionable plantation look. That, for us, involves a pair of paper bag shorts, a wide brim hat, and sandals made from woven material. Add a bit of glamour with a pair of statement earrings.

Another tip: paper bag shorts are a great way to add some height to your waistline.


Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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