What to Wear When You're Expecting by Joana Gube

by Anne Bella May 09, 2018

Joana wears the Tafeni halter off shoulder dress like a boss. 

Pregnancy and fashion don't always jive well together, so I've heard. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to dress around a growing bump, add swelling feet and an all-around heavy feeling to the mix and choosing what to wear every morning becomes more like a chore than a fun activity. It's no wonder that during the final weeks, expecting moms resort to the same knit dress until they're ready to feel like their old, stylish selves again. We shot Joana Gube, designer of Heyjow accessories, and very pregnant with baby #2 merely days before she gave birth last May 2! She was such a trooper, being on strict bed rest and staying in her room, only coming down to do the shoot. Needless to say, we were honored, albeit a bit nervous, as we carefully shot each look and tried our best not to stress her out despite the summer heatwave. I pulled looks a size bigger to fit her petite frame, not once considering bringing maternity clothes since I felt she was too stylish for those! I was ecstatic everything fit and looked smashing on her; more so feeling extra fulfilled we were able to doll her up on her 3rd wedding anniversary (even though she was just having an intimate dinner at home). Jo later sent me pretty earrings with a card saying she needed it (as any expecting mom does) and was happy we did the shoot. This is for all the supermoms out there, hope this inspires you to embrace your curves and dress however you want, whenever you want! 

Describe your personal style.
Moody, always changing.

What are the challenges of dressing with a baby bump?
Our body gradually changes while we’re pregnant, so clothes that used to fit perfectly continually become tight and uncomfortable. Our hot tropical summer weather adds to the complexity of picking out comfy but stylish clothing. Perhaps the biggest challenge though is that you’re constantly lethargic, so it can be hard to motivate yourself to maintain your fashion sense because while you’re pregnant, most of the time, you just want to binge-watch on Netflix and eat ice cream!

Yes or No to maternity wear?
No to traditional maternity wear. They’re personally not appealing to me.
For me, sizing up is the key. I’ll just buy larger sizes (medium or large) and have them custom-tailored so that parts of my body that aren’t as affected with my pregnancy won’t appear too loose and baggy. Sometimes, I wear my husband’s button down polo shirts and pair them with my denim or white shorts.

What do you miss wearing now that your pregnant?
I miss wearing my old clothes and shoes— tank tops, wedges and, most of all, my stilettos.

What garments do you live in nowadays?
Fabrics that are light, cool and breathable like cotton and linen work best for me.
I love wearing jumpsuits and maxi dresses too. I think they’re great maternity wear because they combine comfort and style, all in one piece of clothing. And you can still wear them after giving birth. I spend more time at home now so oversized cotton t-shirts are my best friend!

Advice on how to feel good when you’re feeling blah fashion-wise? (because, pregnancy)
Dressing can be a challenge for pregnant moms no matter how fashion savvy they are—the hormones, the emotional roller-coaster, the extra weight—but I also see it as an opportunity to reinvent your style. The first step to feeling good is to embrace your baby bump—and the physical changes that will take place during pregnancy—instead of trying to hide it or de-emphasize it. Find outfits that accentuate your baby bump because that is your best asset. Of course, as a jewelry designer I strongly advise wearing accessories because they can effortlessly spruce up your outfit and add the “wow” factor to your style.

She's summer ready in the Guacimo embroidered tunic. 

Glowing in pink wearing the Limon off shoulder tunic.

Playing with prints with the Kolonnawa dress under the Merija kimono dress. 


A very Happy Mother's Day to all you sensational Seeker moms! 







Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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