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Women in Tech series: Chow Paredes

by Anne Bella March 13, 2018

Chow is a picture of easy chic in the Nowra polkadot mini dress and her own platform sandals.

Continuing our Women in Tech series with www.zipmatch.com founder Chow Paredes, property broker turned tech whiz. The real estate veteran has a knack for business solving and shifted her expertise online to reach a bigger audience and take the traditional industry to new heights. This tiny boss lady's own abode is on the masculine side (her choice) peppered with plants, cowhide rug accents and a no-nonsense office chair that she practically lives in. "I work from home so I chose a chair and desk that serves the purpose and goes with everything else in my apartment." Chow's style is pretty simple and basic but she did gravitate towards some of the pieces we brought, even offering to buy them on the spot. We were more than happy to gift the entrepreneur with her choices; she need not compromise style just because of her virtual workspace, no no. We got to know the mini mogul and asked her opinion on the industry and how she describes her style. 

How and why did you start Zipmatch? 

I've been in real estate selling for thirteen years now so it's an obvious upgrade to traditional ways. I built it as a platform initially to solve my own problems with sales, connecting with clients and making the process more efficient.

Do you think there is a lack of diversity in your industry?

Real estate is one of the most traditional businesses in the world and needs so much innovation. Diversity is key. 

Is it tough for women entrepreneurs to get funding?

It's tough to get funding man or woman in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines where we are behind in technological advancement. Huge population, great opportunity but extremely behind technologically-speaking. The culture and behavior are roadblocks in my opinion. 

Do you think women-led companies are capable of scaling? Are you able to do so? 

I don't think it's gender that makes a company less or more capable of scaling. Scaling is a factor of (1) readiness of market (2) proven business model (3) people - by this I mean people in your company capable of scaling. All factors have to work in the right time and the right place with the right people. If one factor falls behind, it means the opportunity is not right for the taking; sometimes you have 2/3 or 1/3 working but everything has to align in order to scale.

Instagram quote you live by? 

I have my own quote: "Have nerves of steel, a heart of gold and the grit to get one yes out of ninety-nine no's"

Your style in three words? 

Classic with a twist of sexy.

The Tylden button down dress in ivory brings out her golden tan. 

Paired it with the Cai earrings in tomato. 

Looking all glam and sexy in the Errachida semi cropped top and Turda lace midi skirt.

Where all the action happens!

Tip: work with different textures to make black and white more exciting. 

Her living area has an abundance of afternoon light. Really good for photos!

Being out of character in the Luena ruffled back maxi dress. We think it was made for her. 

Her little balcony which she smartly decorated with turf to simulate grass. 

Vamping it up in the Cala belted trench dress. 


Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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