Zenutrients Baby Love: Natural Baby Products Moms Will Love

by Japs Medina August 30, 2018

Zenutrients Baby Love: Natural Baby Products Moms Will Love

We’re excited to welcome a new product line to our growing family of baby finds: Zenutrients Baby Love. While this range has been around for a while, we take pride in delivering these baby-safe products into the hands of fellow seeker moms.

Zenutrients Baby Love uses calendula, an antiviral herb used for anti-inflammatory and healing purposes, as the base for its products. It is one of the gentlest ingredients that can ever touch your baby’s bottom – we can almost hear your little ones gurgling with happiness.

1. Zenutrients Baby Love Baby Balm

 An all-around balm is a must for all seeker moms. If your baby has sensitive skin due to eczema, dry spots, psoriasis flares or the usual diaper rashes and insect bites, this is your go-to balm.

Infused with calendula, shea butter and grapeseed, this little pot of goodness can also double up as lip balm and eye salve for adults.

2. Zenutrients Baby Love Baby Oil

 This rich concoction of coconut, sunflower, grapeseed, Sacha Inchi and calendula oils was created especially for baby massages. Enjoy one-on-one time with your little one while nourishing the skin and getting those tiny limbs stretched out.

The baby oil can also double up as moisturizer for pregnant bellies.

3. Zenutrients Baby Love Top To Toe Wash

 What mom doesn’t love a gentle top-to-toe wash? Made with calendula, coco honey, and aloe, this all-in-one wash is safe to use for your baby’s body, head, and face. It has no preservatives, parabens or colorants added.

It’s even gentle enough to be used by adults with sensitive scalp.

4. Zenutrients Baby Love Gentle Conditioner

This vegan friendly potion is made with no artificial colorants, parabens or phthalates. Use after bathing your little one with the top-to-toe wash.

5. Zenutrients Baby Love Baby Soap

For moms who prefer solid soaps, Zenutrients has you covered with the Baby Love Baby Soap. A mix of coconut oil, calendula and sunflower oil will leave your baby’s skin soft and supple.

The formula is also gentle enough to work on those with psoriasis, eczema and skin asthma.

6. Zenutrients Baby Love Baby Lotion

Using the same ingredients as the Baby Love Baby Soap, this lotion is a great follow up after bathing. Slather a generous amount on your baby’s skin for a full-on moisturizing experience.



*As a special treat, every single purchase of any 3 Baby Love products will receive a pair of adorable peg dolls.  These are handmade from re-purposed wood by Communitree.Co in Davao City.

Seek our full range of beauty products here.




Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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