Abundant Love Bracelet with Kunzite and Ruby *Jewels of the Nile* (for women) ABL-BW1

  • Let love flow abundantly, love is truly what matters. Fill yourself with love and you will have nothing else to give but love.



    Kunzite :: Inner Peace + Love + Young Mother’s Stone

    Kunzite brings inner peace as it calms the noise and chaos in your life. It helps you let go of your fears and worries about the future, and it will ease your sadness and anxieties in the present. It restores your trust in yourself and others. You will have more kindness and compassion for people around you, and you will be inspired to make their lives better, even in your own little way. Kunzite also has the ability to let your heart and mind go harmoniously together after which all good things simply follow. A very spiritual stone, it connects you to your source of unconditional love. This will always prompt you to think loving thoughts and do loving actions.

    Kunzite is known as the woman’s stone because it helps young mothers who are having a tough time taking care of their young child. It helps overactive children settle down come bedtime, and the stone’s energies will also help young children have a good night’s sleep.

    Ruby :: Energy + Courage + Love + Prosperity

    Ruby is the stone for passion, protection and prosperity. It has an energizing quality, and you’ll find just by holding this precious stone that it makes you feel inspired and ready to take on the world. With the energy of this stone, you will feel as if you are bristling with energy and that you can captivate people around you. You will find the strength to take risks and try new things. Rubies will vastly improve your confidence, your sense of self-worth, and in turn, your ability to act in ways that might feel strange, dangerous, or out of the ordinary. You will have the courage to prove wrong anyone who tries to tell you that you’re not good enough, in any sort of way. It propels you toward prosperity and achievement.

    Rubies also represent love and sexuality and is a wonderful gift to share with a life partner, or to gift to yourself if you’re feeling unloved or unwanted.

    Chakra activation ::  sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, crown

    Affirmation ::  Love flows to me and through me. I give and receive love freely.


  • Sizing Details ::
    SMALL - fits petite wrists (13-16 cm). Please note that small will have fewer beads.
    MEDIUM - It’s the most common size and fits most wrists (16-19 cm). (shown in photo)
    LARGE - fits larger wrists (19-21 cm).
    *If you are unsure of the right size for you, simply measure around your wrist with a piece of string, mark it and lay beside a ruler. 


  • Item Details :: Made with 8mm and 4mm Kunzite and Ruby crystals and gold plated accent. As it is made from natural crystals there will be naturally occurring variations and imperfections.  Our crystals are cleansed by hovering over smoke of burnt sage and energized with harmonic vibrations of the singing bowl. 


  • Care ::  In order to sustain its magic, cleanse + energize + program regularly. We recommend using our selenite bowls or Sacred Palo Santo for cleansing. Our accents are made with a real gold vacuum plating technology which is 3 times thicker than ordinary gold plating to give it extra durability. It has a strong color retention ability, however care is still recommended to prevent oxidative discoloration and is sensitive to alkaline liquid such as laundry detergent and soap water.