Beauty Fix 3D Face & Body Massage Roller

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  • BEAUTY FIX 3D FACE & BODY MASSAGE ROLLER - Featuring a curved handle and two massaging balls, this massager works to relax your muscles and may provide a skin-tightening effect. The rollers tighten the skin with “Double Kneading”, a method to replicate the consecutive and continuous feeling of a professional hand treatment. Very mild microcurrent is generated by drawing light into a solar panel fixed in the handle. 
  • Tipped with a 360 degree multiangular roller for fitting the curvature of the face
  • Curved handle design enables adjusting the grip to massage different places
    • Aims to slim and shape the body
    • Works to tighten the skin
    • May provide a face-slimming and face-lifting effect
    • May help relax muscles
    • May help release tiredness
    • Suitable for massaging body, face, arms, legs, buttocks, and back
    • Aims to help minimize the signs of aging
    • HOW TO USE: Place the thumb and forefinger around the narrow part of the handle and firmly grip the thickest part.
      • FOR DÉCOLLETAGE: Roll up and down over the area between your collarbone and breast.
      • FOR FACE LINES: Steadily and with focus, roll right and left along the line of your lower jaw. Roll along your cheekbones from the corners of your mouth to in front of your ears.
      • FOR FACE: Roll up and down between the corner of your mouth and the side of your nose
      • FOR EYES: Using one roller, gently roll under your eye.
      • FOR HEAD: Roll up and down from your temple to the top of your head.
    • #THEVAINMAMA TIP: You can use it on your face and body!  Can be used on the cheeks, head, under the eye, decolletage, undercalf, chest and more. On the body, it can be used on your arms, thighs, legs, waistline.