Fille et Fils Les MisQuito-rables Oil - 100ml

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  • FILLE ET FILS (pronounced feey-ay-fees) literally translates to "Daughter & Son". A homegrown fragrance line created by these loving moms using only natural oils from France - made with the desire to re-create that oh-so fresh NEW BABY SMELL.
  • LES MISQUITO-RABLES OIL - For the Miserable Mosquito. This oil based version lasts longer and is more potent. A secret blend with citronella, orange, lavender essential oils that repels mosquitoes but smells divine too.
  • HOW TO USE:  A little goes a long way. 1-2 sprays is enough.
  • #THEVAINMAMA TIP:  The perfect size to pop in your bag. Something functional with the signature Fille et Fils fragrance expertise we've come to love.