My Intuitive Ally Bracelet with Amethyst and Lepidolite (for women) ALLY-BW1

  • Trust in the high-frequency vibrations of these stunningly saturated crystals as they purify and heal your aura opening you up to spiritual direction, strengthened creativity and prosperity.


     Amethyst  :: Spirituality + Creativity + Prosperity + Tranquility + Weight Loss + Detoxification

    Highly prized historically, amethyst was a stone worth as much as diamond. It was a widespread symbol of luxury; its rich history encompasses this jewel being embedded in crowns, sceptres and rings worn by royalty and prominent religious figures.   These days this vibrant grape jelly hued crystal is sought after for its versatility, as it can deliver innumerable benefits making it a truly powerful ally in awakening the intuitive part of your being. 

    Amethyst is the ideal stone to bring about your spiritual wakefulness -- it stills your mind and brings about enhanced meditative states. The high-frequency vibrations from this purple stone purify your aura and create a protective shield of light that surrounds you as you access spiritual direction.  With this guidance, you experience an expanded higher mind that increases your wisdom, creativity and psychic abilities.

    Known as the great problem solver of the crystal world, this stone helps you assimilate new ideas, especially where original results are required from methods of the past.  It transforms your thoughts into action so projects reach fruition sooner. A stone of focus and success, it’s been touted as “the stone” for artists, composers, inventors, poets, painters, healers, psychics and merchants among others.

     It’s versatile properties also includes the ability to calm and soothe, relieve stress, cure insomnia, balance hormones, promote weight loss, and detoxify.  Truly an ally for transformation! 

    Lepidolite :: Calming + Spiritual Growth + Anti-Ageing + Radiance

    The fast-paced modern life, we often find ourselves in could be quite daunting; we could all benefit from the truly calming Lepidolite. It promotes joy, gratitude, and self-love in a very calm and serene way. You won’t necessarily find yourself jumping for joy, but instead it can put a smile on your face, giving you a feeling of quiet contentment while you go about your daily business. You’ll find yourself being more positive and grateful which can be quite powerful as a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. You’ll notice these positive energies entering your life more often and amplified. You’ll also find it easier to put yourself first when the need arises and to get in touch with yourself without feeling guilty or as though there is something you ought to be doing. It’ll help you to see the value of idleness, of stopping and just allowing yourself to be.

    The quiet contentment afforded by lepidolite crystal also makes it easy to connect better with your higher self and become attuned with the divine powers both of the universe and within yourself. As you recognize the divinity within yourself, you will become a much happier and more successful person in every aspect of your life. Lepidolite also increases your psychic power in the fields of clairvoyance and clairsentience. You will be more aware of coincidences, synchronicities, and “gut feelings” to recognize opportunities that lead you to success.

    Lepidolite was known to be Cleopatra's beauty stone for its incredible anti-ageing properties. It enhances rejuvenation by harnessing lithium, which has a natural soothing, anti-anxiety energy that can calm your mind, body and soul.  It is the perfect stone for instilling confidence, boosting positive thoughts, promoting joy, gratitude, and self-love in an extremely calm and serene way, letting your beauty shine inside and out.

    Chakra activation :: heart, throat, third eye, crown, etheric

    Affirmation ::  I am intuitive, divinely guided and inspired with creativity. My heart is calm and open. I am beautiful inside and out.

    Sizing Details ::
    SMALL - fits petite wrists (13-16 cm). Please note that small will have fewer beads.
    MEDIUM - It’s the most common size and fits most wrists (16-19 cm). (shown in photo)
    LARGE - fits larger wrists (19-21 cm).
    *If you are unsure of the right size for you, simply measure around your wrist with a piece of string, mark it and lay beside a ruler. 

    Item Details :: My Intuitive Ally is made with genuine 10mm and 6mm Amethyst and Lepidolite crystals with gold plated accents. As it is made from natural crystals there will be naturally occurring variations and imperfections. Our crystals are cleansed by hovering over smoke of burnt sage and energized with harmonic vibrations of the singing bowl.

    Care ::  In order to sustain its magic, cleanse + energize + program regularly. We recommend using our selenite bowls or Sacred Palo Santo for cleansing. Our accents are made with a real gold vacuum plating technology which is 3 times thicker than ordinary gold plating to give it extra durability. It has a strong color retention ability, however care is still recommended to prevent oxidative discoloration and is sensitive to alkaline liquid such as laundry detergent and soap water.