Sewn Sandals Saluyot Jute

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  • SALUYOT, just like Abaca fibers, are spun into strong threads and ropes. Abundant in warm, tropical countries like the Philippines, it is mostly known as the green leafy vegetable with a slimy texture and one of the key ingredients in our mongo soup or Ilocanos’ Dinengdeng or Bulanglang.

  • We often call it Jute or Burlap and often used as sacks, eco-bags, and now in our sandals.

    > Upper made of Jute with black piping.
    > Suede-like lining for that comfy fit.
    > Footbed made from handwoven Abaca.
    > Adjustable ankle strap in tan made of man-made leather.
    > Gum outer sole.
    > Fitting: True to size.
    > Available colors: Natural
    > Please refer to the size guide on the photo.

  • Handcrafted by local artisans of Laguna for Sewn, a local footwear brand whose mission is to promote appreciation for Philippine culture by creating tropical handcrafted footwear for women and men towards a more sustainable living.

  • Take a Breather with Sewn Sandals.