Soul Stone Money and Wealth Crystal Pyrite & Black Agate Bracelet

    A money and wealth bracelet carrying a combination of 6mm and 8mm Pyrite and 8mm Black Agate beads

    - Carries a combination of crystals that will help you attract the abundance you desire in different areas of your life so you can pursue your goals
    - Pyrite is the ultimate symbol of wealth and good fortune and is one of the best crystals for encouraging money, prosperity, and success
    - Pyrite is a shimmering gold stone that also brings in an abundance of positivity and good vibes—whether you’re looking for more abundant relationships, finances, or career success
    - Black agate motivates you to pursue your goals while helping you gain self-belief and supporting you in reaching your potential and empowering you to become who you’ve always wanted to be
    - Black agate gives you the motivation to chase your true dreams
    - Comes nestled in a pillow box