Unbox A Few Key Pieces

by Mikka Padua November 25, 2013

To redefine the unboxing experience is one ambitious feat. To offer a well-thought-out box of exclusive, limited, and highly covetable pieces is another story-- one we would like to tell.

Enter the first ever Seek The Uniq Box, filled to the brim with beautiful things.

Meet the contents:

THE KAMRAN TOTE, Galicia Manila

Your ultimate everyday but not necessarily typical carry-all. Functionality may be key to such, but I am not one to put quirk and mix of materials at the backseat. Hence the use of leather against indigenous handwoven fabric from a small tribe in Kalinga, Cordillera mountains in Northern Luzon. Fully lined with a patterned cotton fabric I used as a jump-off point for the coming together of this limited edition box. This creation is named after my teacher in Central St. Martins, Kamran Sarwar, a London-based menswear and accessory designer. 

THE CLARUS CLAVUS, 1969 by JMakitalo

"The Clarus Clavus pendant is inspired by the soul's purity and goodness-traits that shine brightest through us every Christmas season. May this piece be a reminder that your soul is crystal-clear and pure, and that you are beautiful."-- JOYCE MAKITALO



This box will not be complete without our signature topper. A spin-off from the staple kimono is this reversible jacket that's one part boheme and one part cosmopolitan. Inspired from Right Bank chic, Marais-- the French quarter long serving as Paris' fashion barometer.  

One side moves with fluid ease, the other is more structured. Nip at waist for a feminine silhouette or wear as is for an offbeat cool take on covering up.



Have fun with beauty and discover a new you! A form will be sent out to you once order is placed so our resident beauty guru can handpick a customized loot for you. Expect a beauty tip or two!

They will come in a fun pouch which can easily double as a clutch. Can this get anymore exciting? Really, we have not left out a detail for you.

To top it off, your box is complete with a DIY swaddling kit (should the need arise), making regifting a little cooler. 

There you have it. A box made only for YOU. Preorder now and get ready to UNBOX your few key pieces coming 14 December 2013 onwards. 


Your Commander-in-Chic and Purveyor of the Uniq,

P.S. A part of the proceeds will help support efforts of our chosen organization, Gawad Kalinga, in rebuilding homes for Haiyan survivors. 


Mikka Padua
Mikka Padua


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