A shirt story

by Anne Bella March 06, 2016

The white shirt was once just a garment exclusive to the menswear department. My earliest memories of this classic item was on my dad wearing it to the office. I thought it made him look so handsome and strong, giving him an authoritative air of confidence. My favorite Tita also wears it as her "uniform", styling it with brooches, long necklaces, slacks and jeans. When I got my fashion game going, I associated the white shirt the most with designer Carolina Herrera who always pairs hers with 1950s A-line skirt.

This beloved closet staple has come a long way since. There are now several versions: oversized, cocoon shapes, bell-sleeved tunics, cropped to the waist and the wrap around. It still remains a mainstay in many women's wardrobes for it's versatility and the instant polish it gives a simple ensemble. We thought of revamping the white shirt and came up with several styling tricks to make it more 21st century. 

Worn under a sheer, sequined tank and paired with lace culottes and caged sandals, it becomes a chic alternative to a cocktail dress for semi-formal affairs, even to after-office drinks. The whimsical effect makes the styling unexpected and forward, too. 

Cotton and leather is a predictable, albeit classic pairing that is fail-safe. The French do it all the time so it must be right! This one-sleeved wonder worn under a faux leather dress is typical at most, but the uneven collar and left short sleeve makes the overall look out-of-the-box. Seek the Ludlin

Great on it's own, this cropped white shirt is also a versatile layering piece for cooler climates or when you're feeling a little adventurous. Add color with a printed scarf and your favorite striped shirt. Seek the Lubsko

Denim with a white polo is a no-brainer pairing. We simply added a twist to the classic combo by putting an off-shoulder top over it, added a pop of color via a red scarf and preppy flat mules for a polished finish. Seek the Horten

How would you dress up your white shirt? Drop us a line and show us how! 

Your Purveyor-at-Large, 



Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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