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Caftan Lusting



Ah, the allure of the caftan. How could a woman be covered in that much fabric and still manage to look so sexy?

I have to admit I’ve been slightly obsessed with scoring at least one of the beautiful embroidered caftans on the site and heartbreak ensues each time I realize they’re all gone. (Who are you lightning fast seekers anyway??) I’ve tried everything, even shamelessly attempting to pull some strings but to no avail. To say that I shed a few tears the last time they all sold out would be an understatement. What can I say? It’s what my lounging dreams are made of. 

There really is something about that simple flow of fabric grazing the body. Just throw it on and you’re done. Despite its ease, you always still manage to look like you "tried". It is modest yet fashionable. It communicates an effortlessness and dare I say, power? Well caftan lovers like us are in good company. 

My love affair with this frock started early, growing up with fashionable grandmothers who wore nothing but caftans around the house. It was always so comfortable and easy and they also managed to look so put together and glamorous whether they were checking on their gardens or entertaining guests at home. Later, the popular image of Talitha Getty and her husband on a rooftop in Marrakech draped in an ornately embroidered caftan with white boots would really strike me. Another of her barefoot on a yacht in the most delicate of caftans barely alighting her thin frame she accentuated with a giant cuff and stacked rings on all fingers still gets me giddy.

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Elizabeth Taylor wasalso known for her caftans. She had one for every occasion and amassed a great collection through the years. There are numerous photographs of her in caftans, my favorites are those of her in the simplest of styles but dripping in diamonds and jewels. Her fondness for caftans was particularly evident when she got married in one to Richard Burton the second time around in Africa. This eventually sold at a Christie's auction for $62,500! 

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The caftan still worksits magic today thanks to the numerous designers who keep it relevant, such as Filipino designer Josie Natori who has made it an international luxury and necessity. I am happy to report that after three (yes, three, maybe four!) times of waiting and stalking STU’s instagram account, I finally have a few caftans of my own and boy, are they pretty. They are the softest, most comfortable pieces in my closet perfect for lounging and entertaining as well as covering up for days at the beach.

To this day, I bug my grandmother and hope and pray she gives up one of her vintage YSL caftans for my happiness. A sort of advanced inheritance, if you will. She is still undecided at the moment. In the meantime, like you, I am checking Instagram every hour hoping to see those three little words: BACK IN STOCK. I'll be racing you to the finish line!

Happy Seeking!


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Chia Yulo
Chia Yulo