Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

by Van Santos March 14, 2016

Summer is in full swing and while many are sun worshipers, there are also those who choose to stay away from the sun. Cheesy reference aside, a 'Snow White' complexion is one that is free of dull, pigmented skin and has a luminous radiance.


 This is a round up of our tried & tested illuminating finds, that we suggest to use in this prescribed order:

PHINA Dream Brightening Soap

Start off by cleansing with this brightening soap. It uses 3 active ingredients derived from plants: Kojic (whitening), Glycolic (for exfoliating), and Azaleaic (for treating acne). Lather in hands and leave foam on face for a minute before rinsing off.

 JAYJUN A-List Vitasnow Set

 Follow up with a brightening treatment. This is a youth elixir from Korea that rejuvenates skin cells from within. The Vita Snow Essence restores elasticity and improves skin tone by lightening dark spots and melasma. The Vita Snow Nano Crystal Powder is a whitening vitamin powder that targets melanin and cell regeneration.


YLLUME Illuminating Complex Cream

Then, seal your treatment with an illuminating moisturizer. Yllume uses an exclusive proprietary process, so that high levels of actives are delivered safely to the skin. It allows skin brightening actives to be delivered to deeper layers of the skin cells.


GUERLAIN Meteorites


Finish off with a dusting of these magic balls. They are a blend of shimmer and color with patented light reflectors. The effect is not obvious, but you will have a veil of radiance that is light and perfect for summer. This comes in the universal shade No. 2, that works for all skin types.

For those who love getting a tan (like myself), try this brightening regimen at the end of summer to heal and prevent sun damage. Glow on ladies!


Your Purveyor Of Beauty,

Van Santos
Van Santos


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