Getaway Style: 5 STU Insiders Find Fashion Inspiration in their Travel Destinations

by Chia Yulo May 13, 2014


Summer is officially upon us and we couldn’t be more delighted! The weather has been unabashedly scorching but we're determined not to let this heat ruffle our feathers. Traveling has always been exhilarating and this year, we plan on doing it in style.

Here, we share our travel essentials - from our favorite pair of sunnies to that one piece that goes with everything, plus a few finds fromthe site we just can't live without!

 I dress depending on the weather and wear colors that make me happy. I often have difficulty sleeping on a strange bed and traveling brings my usual allergies. This It Works! sleep duo is the perfect solution.

I love how Mariel is bringing the Philippines to Paris with this red and black hand loomed wrap skirt. It's so simple and stylish. When worn with a chic pair of flats, she'll be ready to journey around the Parisian streets.

  Van is traveling with her kids and is taking the most adorable matching beach coverups and aviators. The Amber white bikini is practical and offers enough support and coverage for running after her toddlers. As a skincare advocate, she's sure to bring a good sunblock before layering on her Maui Babe browning lotion.


Bliss is packing smart (read: very light to make room for shopping!). The Catargena kimono is a versatile piece which can be used as a lightweight jacket or coverup and worn as a dress when paired with a belt. The size of the Vallarta bag is great for toting all her essentials including her Nature Anti-Mosquito cologne and the best part for this photographer is that it's hands-free!


Mikka's relaxed style is punctuated with the Shilhah Berber coin necklace and Tulum hammered bangles that  easily adds style to her mix and match basics. Leather clutches in different sizes hold all her important documents and keeps her accessories neatly organized. 


Where are you headed this year and what are you taking with you? Let us know!


 Your Purveryor-at-Large,




Chia Yulo
Chia Yulo


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