Seek the Uniq X ANDROGYNE : Luis Espiritu

by Chia Yulo July 20, 2015

As we launch our second capsule collection, here’s a peek into the mind of the multi-faceted personality that is ANDROGYNE's Creative Director, Luis Espiritu. With over twenty years experience in fashion, this mentor, teacher and creative consultant is a true style influencer. 

What do you like about being a designer?

I would like to think of myself as a renaissance artist. I love the process of creation executed in various mediums of expression. Sparks in my subconscious flow into my consciousness that result in various collaborations.

What was your inspiration for your collaboration with Seek the Uniq?

ANDROGYNE is deeply rooted in the idea of creating a genderless wardrobe. Beyond stereotypes and tradition, my concept is to develop a capsule collection that both men and women can style for everyday wear. Inspired by global trends, history, design and fabrication, every piece is a tapestry of ideas of relevant fashion.

Printed Yoke Oversized Tee

What can we expect from your designs and who do you envision wearing your creations?

The core of ANDROGYNE is inspired by Japanese silhouettes fused with Italian textures. The vision is to create an insightful and new avenue in contemporary dressing in the local style landscape and hopefully, transcend into Philippine culture. A variety of fabrication, palettes of complimenting hues, and distinct patters echo throughout the collection of form and function. Comfort is not compromised. It is not a statement or an irreverent approach to the classic code dressing. ANDROGYNE showcases the beauty of uniqueness without borders or boundaries.


Belted Mixed Print Robe

Luis' Best Meal

My best meals are always with the company I keep that fills me up with love, laughter and happiness.

With friends at STU Turns Two

Best Thrill

Discovering new things, places, and meeting interesting faces.

Best Getaway

Pristine beaches and remote islands away from the concrete jungle with friends and family.

Luis in one of his getaways wearing an ANDROGYNE printed robe.

Best Invention

The power of imagination.

Best Wardrobe Staple

There is no best but I would say a handful of reinvented classics that you can create a wardrobe-full of ideas.

Best Way to Unwind

Let go of the concept of time.

Best Advice

Give your time and energy to those who do the same to you.



Ready for a comfy, genderless wardrobe? Seek Luis Espiritu's Seek the Uniq X ANDROGYNE here


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Chia Yulo
Chia Yulo


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