Conference to Cocktails: Tops

by Anne Bella August 10, 2015

As a personal stylist, I'm often faced with the same predicament when helping a client get the most mileage out of her pieces. Come shopping time, I always make it a point to suggest pieces she can easily wear to work and straight to play, if need be. When the topic of using and re-using some of our very versatile tops more than one way came up, I promptly switched to stylist mode and thought of ways to wear these tops according to what you, our dear customer, have going on in your day. I thought of making this feature a series that may tackle other garments such as jackets, pants, dresses, skirts and even accessories in the future, styling them for work and the after hours. We start with five tops that can be worn in different scenarios, in whatever field or tribe you belong to. 

The Cascavel is more than your basic white sleeveless button-down. It comes with an extra long tie around the neck that doubles as a scarf--seen here worn under a sleeveless vest and boyfriend jeans. I envision an Advertising creative wearing this to work, perhaps even to a pitch. It's corporate-meets-hipster that says you're a no-nonsense girl who also knows how to let loose. 

Come dinner time, the Cascavel becomes the canvas for a ladylike date outfit that fits right in at a posh restaurant or a night at the theater. Switch from the jeans to a classic black A-line skirt and red heels for a pop of color. 

Denim is making a huge comeback this year in every type of garment imaginable. Our take on the denim Oviedo crop top features a boxy silhouette with a v-neckline that's begging to be layered with. I put a sheer cream button down for a play in texture and red cropped pants to make the outfit come alive. Less strict corporate offices will let this pass on Casual Fridays. Printed heels pull everything together. 

Come Saturday, it transforms into the perfect top for a picnic in the park or a jaunt at the neighborhood pub to watch your favorite rock band. The Oviedo is paired with--what else--dark denims and punchy accessories to break all that blue. Add metallic flat sandals and you're ready to rock the night away. 

Animal print tops (and I'm not talking about the classic leopard) has been taking center stage lately, and the Alcala bird print blouse is no exception. Make it office-appropriate by layering a sleeveless trench and pairing with a structured skirt. This ensemble is befitting a girl in PR who goes to events day in and day out. Keep everything neutral with black accessories. 

Lo and behold! The Alcala boasts an element of surprise: bold black and white stripes that flare out in the back. This is a cute day date outfit for a lunch out followed by a matinee. The raffia purse gives off a bohemian vibe and the distressed jeans make for good contrast. 

I do love a good play of long layers to make an outfit interesting so it was a fun challenge to style the Vazec long back top for work. Decided to use muted greys with the lightest prints to tone down the avant garde cut. Many a fashion girl could sport this to work and events alike. The red shoe is the only pop of color that keeps the ensemble from being too drab. 

With a quick change of pants and taking off the men's blazer, the Vazec quickly transforms to club wear! Liquid black leggings have a slight sheen that works wonderfully with the light chiffon fabric and the kitschy embellished clutch is the perfect finishing touch! 

At first glance the Ovodda side slit tunic top seems like it only belongs by the pool or beachside. However, when styled with a crisp white blazer and cropped cigarette pants, it instantly becomes office-appropriate. The secret is wearing it with neutral shades to tone down the busy print. Simple earrings and strappy heels complete the look. 

Worn on its own with panelled leggings and printed accessories, the Ovodda becomes cocktail hour-worthy for Girl's Night Out. Tip: the blue in the clutch and bangle echo the navy in the background making the print on print action work. 

Hope you picked up enough tips to maximize your favorite tops! 'Til the next series...

Your Purveyor-at-Large, 



Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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