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by Anne Bella September 17, 2015

I always look forward to Fashion Month even though I'm a thousand miles away living in a country where fashion is still a somewhat a young industry. I used to rely on Style.com for the blow by blow but since the surge of social media a few years ago, getting in the fashion loop is easier than ever. I wake up--to my delight--to Instagram posts of the shows as they happen both from the designers, editors and movers. It's easy to go back to my favorite looks by just clicking on the hashtag and even watch a few seconds of the shows live on my phone's screen. Indeed, modern times has done wonders for the fashion industry making the term fast fashion mean more than just High Street. New York Fashion Week is always the first to show and every year, newcomers mix with the old guard giving an interesting and spanking fresh perspective to Spring Summer dressing. I've rounded up the looks we love so far and resonate well with here at STU. We spotted some familiar styles and cuts that we've done or are currently doing and it's awesome to see some of our most-loved trends staying on. 

J. Crew

In our eyes, J. Crew can do no wrong and we are delighted they went back to their roots in this collection with basic staples styled with an unexpected twist they do so well. Images from Vogue.com

Apiece Apart 

This seemingly under the radar brand is garnering a loyal following with their sparse yet wearable aesthetic. Designers Laura Cramer and Starr Hout create pieces that withstand the test of time and trends and encourages the buyer to dress with a modular approach: mixing and matching pieces to get the most mileage. Images from Vogue.com



Isa Arfen 

The London-based womenswear label lives by the philosophy that dressing should be fun, relaxed and an enjoyable experience, clearly evidenced by these pieces that makes you want to drop everything and head to the beach, no? 

Images from @isa_arfen


Definitely veering away from stuffy, "interview" suits and embracing of-the-moment trends such as culottes and the off-shoulder silhouette, the brand has indeed reinvented itself with these classic modern pieces punctuated with just the right amount of edge. Images from Vogue.com

Tanya Taylor 

One of the newbies this season that landed on the must-see list, this young brand has graduated from its ultra-feminine designs to more funky, irreverent looks that are deemed more saleable than ever. Images from @tanyataylornyc


The New York based label is known for their simple, effortlessly modern designs that makes dressing up in the morning a joyful experience. We especially love how they used sequins in a non-Tita way! Image from @tibi

Creatures of Comfort 

A specialty boutique based in Manhattan carrying hip, up-and-coming brands, the label also has in-house designs that play with their signature slouchy silhouette for easy breezy dressing. Image from @creaturesofcomfort 

Proenza Schouler 

These dapper boys need no introduction and the Spring looks they sent down the runway is stronger than ever with nods to the Spanish señorita and reinventing the shirtdress featuring fashion's current obsession: exposing the shoulders. Image from Vogue.com

Here's hoping you're just as inspired as we are to rock next summer's trends out! 

Your Purveyor-at-Large, 


Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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