Bangkok Calling

by Anne Bella October 29, 2015

Bangkok traffic and their signature hot pink cabs.

Bangkok traffic and their signature hot pink cabs. 

Only a few cities can boast about having it all: awesome food and shopping, an exciting nightlife with a cosmopolitan feel and modern amenities while still staying true to their heritage like Bangkok. I've been here a couple of times and each trip was a different experience. So apart from having one of my best friends as a resident, I decided to have my unofficial Hen weekend shebang in this vibrant city. Bangkok is a lot like Manila, albeit with more developed infrastructure and system. Anyone whos taken their BTS can tell you about the efficiency, convenience and cleanliness--a far cry from our own MRT. And even though the city has its own challenges with traffic, getting a cab or tuktuk is relatively easy and safe any time of the day or night. The nightlife, in my opinion, is quite at par with ours in terms of grandeur and options but the food is something else. We chose to forgo street food for fear of contacting a virus so close to the big day, opting instead to have organic fare, some fine dining, a hipster joint and foodcourt choices. Everything and I mean, everything was so very good! Bangkok is a mall-obsessed city, too. We checked out the newest one, EmQuartier, that had designer shops galore--local and foreign, an outdoor garden and splendid interiors as well as the more accessible ones like the famous Platinum mall that offers wholesale goods at bargain prices. My friends and I bonded over meals, drinks, walks and endless laughter in the comforts of the hotel and out, perhaps one of my favorite memories from the trip. All in all, an epic weekend that's one for the books! I'll let the photos do the talking. Sawasdee


EmQuartier is the newest mall devoting a whole floor to an outdoor garden!

Zen pocket gardens abound. 

Awesome view of the city.

The foodcourt was four floors high! 

A sample of the food court fare. This dry Tom Yum flavored noodles hit the spot! 


The next day, brunch was spent at Simple, totally nondescript on the outside...

...but inside was a cozy space conducive to long, lazy meals. 

We had a salad, bruschetta and this unforgettable french toast. 

Right next door was an equally cute shop-cum-cafe. 

Walking the clean and convenient overpass in between malls. 

Wearing my Ercilla top that was perfect for the balmy weather. 

All the walking got us hungry so we headed over to Rocket x Siwilai in Central Embassy. 

The bright and airy space was adjacent to a specialty boutique with a Scandinavian look. 

I had the Eggs Ben. Yummy!

Went crazy over the gorgeous John Varvatos store. Just look at those lights!

Photo op with my favorite top! 

Had some downtime so we trekked back to the Peninsula with this sublime view of the Chao Phraya river, the most expensive real estate in BKK. 

My BFF Ana in a Moroccan caftan blending in with the background. 

My Poznan overlap top felt a lot like their traditional costume. So soft and comfy! 

Merienda time at Sheepshank Public House, a very hip bistro by the river. 

Dinner took us to Benjarong at Dusit Thani hotel...

...where they served some of the best Thai food I've ever had. 

The interiors proved to be the perfect backdrop for my friend Agoo's outfit, an old STU fave. 

We joked that our unplanned outfits were like day and night. 

Capped off the evening at Sing Sing Theater, Bangkok's number one club. The interiors were sooo beautiful. 

My last meal before going home was at EAT or Eat All Thai. Home cooked northern Thai fare was the theme.

There is so much to love about Bangkok to fit into a single blog post. You have to experience it for yourself! 

Until my next adventure (which is incidentally, marriage!)

Your Purveyor-at-Large, 






Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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