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Seeking the Uniq + Chasing Dreams

Early on this year, as I sat at a cafe in Vegas (of all places- yes, Las Vegas) I started scribbling notes on a hotel notepad about dreams, ideas, vision, basically trying to map out what I want to do next. I spent most of my career life in the retail industry spending other people's money for a living-- which will probably bring you to wonder, "why stop?" 

Why not, when you can pursue your ultimate dreams? Why not, when you can work from home, be a mother and be your own boss? It is not easy and nowhere is it cheap, but there are ways around it and resourcefulness is key. You just have to be up for the challenge. 

Fret not, this will not turn into a personal blog where you'll find daily musings and whatnot. I just feel I owe you, dear Seekers of the Uniq, a little background on how and why this came about. 

Seek the Uniq is an adventure set off by a passionate former buyer who is a keen believer in the future of Ecommerce. This is, however, more than just about entrepreneurial pursuits. Above that is a far greater cause of championing talented designers, unsung artisans, inspiring crafters, and resourceful DIYers, who most often than not, happen to be mothers themselves. Providing them a suitable platform to further their passions all the while allowing them to bask in motherhood. 

In the coming weeks we will be unveiling our Purveyors of the Uniq. Inspiring individuals, who, just like us, seek and find the uniq in the most mundane of things. And who, just like us, are not only following their dreams but chasing them. 

So come join me and my little team as we conquer the world one uniq find at a time. 

Your Purveyor of the Uniq,

Mikka Padua
Mikka Padua