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Handcrafted Cocktail 101: Mrs. Palmer

We've sort of gotten our groove back. First in order is the long overdue installment to our cocktail handcrafting series. Meet Mrs. Palmer. She's the better half of Arnold Palmer. The drink, not the golfer.

What you need:

1. One cup Vodka

2. Three lemons

3. One cup of iced tea (Indulge a little and have some of our Harvey & Sons Fine Tea!)

4. One fourth cup honey

5. Paper straws

Step one involves peeling and seeding the lemons.

Now time to have the Vodka, honey and tea at the ready.

Pour the Vodka, honey, lemons, and iced tea in the blender.

Blend on high for 30 seconds and dump some 3 cups of ice. Puree until smooth.

And voila! A tasty, jaunty frozen twist on the classic Palmer. Perfect for days that are warmer!




Your Purveyor of the Uniq,


Mikka Padua
Mikka Padua