The Magic of Sleep

by Van Santos October 10, 2013

I’ve always said that the two most essential things for beauty & wellness are SLEEP & HYDRATION.  A good night’s sleep plus drinking your 8-10 glasses of water a day works wonders.

SLEEP is the ultimate beauty treatment as it is your body’s way of regenerating and repairing itself, every night. 

Here are some my personal tried & tested UNIQ finds to enhance your sleeping experience (and make it work double-time):

  1. INNISFREE Sleeping Pack (P1,250)

-       I recommend this for women in their 20’s

-       This is ultimate hydration while you sleep, making use of Green Tea antioxidants for maximum skin regeneration.

-       Use alone, 2 to 3 times a week.



  1. NEALS YARD Sleeping Concentrate (P2,998)

-       I recommend this for women in their 30’s and up

-       This luxurious, lightweight, and non-greasy serum is infused with a blend of aromatherapy essential oils renowned for calming & relaxing as well as essential ANTI-AGING properties.

-       Diligent use will make your skin much tighter and brighter; it basically works to “turn back the clock” as you sleep.

-    Use nightly alone, or underneath your favorite moisturizer.



  1. GUERLAIN Midnight Secret (P4,998)

-       I recommend this for women who desperately lack sleep and are highly fatigued

-       This is a potent formula of “sleep in a bottle”, the active ingredients hastens the regular regeneration process during sleep. All you need is 3-4 hours of sleep and its like you slept an entire night.

-        This is only to be used AS NEEDED for emergency situations.



  1. MUSTELA Bebe Massage Oil (P740)

-       I recommend this for all women, especially mothers

-       A massage before you sleep is extremely therapeutic.  Using this gentle baby massage oil will guarantee a wonderful night’s rest.

-       Use 1-2 times a week.


  1. ITWORKS Deep Sleep Duo (P300)

-       I recommend this for all women who are highly stressed

-       Spray on some “Dream Mist” onto your pillow right before sleeping and essential oils of Lavender and Wild Chamomile to soothe the body and mind.

-       Combine with “Stress Less” roll on applied onto your pressure points. A refreshing blend of Eucalyptus, Lemon Oil & Lavander cleanses, invigorates and counters physical and mental fatigue.

-       Use nightly as needed.

To sweet dreams and magical transformations as we drift off to never-never land every night…


Yours in Beauty,

AKA #thevainmama

Van Santos
Van Santos


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