A Seeker's Spin: Agoo

by Anne Bella November 17, 2016

Our second installment in this series was shot during a very exciting and eventful day: the US presidential elections! We trekked to Agoo Bengzon's airy home that fateful afternoon armed and ready while still reeling from the previous day's SC decision. Suffice to say, we were all a bit rattled but looking forward to the shoot. The whole team was glued to CNN in between prep and shots, anxiously waiting for the results in real time. It was also a coincidence that a lot of the garments brought from the HQ were mostly red and blue! Much to our shock, the red team won. #wewerewithHER 

Agoo was already a beauty junkie back in 2002 when I first met her in Summit. She loves to dress up with a concept in mind, often with a theme, punctuated with the right accessories down to the shade of her nail polish. Her hair is hardly out of place (unless intended) and she is rarely without make up, even at the beach. While it sounds like a lot of work, she pulls it off effortlessly that every time she'd enter the room after changing looks during the shoot, we would all go WOWWW. Agoo's post as Beauty Expert for Unilever Philippines is a natural progression from her past experience as Beauty Editor for Preview Magazine where she held the post for over 10 years. She's also known to switch hair color every few months (most recent one was a dusty rose) as well as for her perfect brows and hands with nails always adorned in the latest shade. She's also a guest blogger at Preview.ph where she writes about everything beauty. 

Agoo puts her layering skills to the test, giving a new twist on these STU favorites, including the ubiquitous caftan everyone loves. Here's hoping you pick up an idea or two on how to make your piece work overtime and get inspired to dress thematically with a lot of pizzaz, just like this lovely Seeker---matching nail polish and all. 

The Valmer linen dress is possibly one of the most flaterring silhouettes I've ever met. The a-line skirt is just wide enough to create an illusion of a tiny waist and the flutter sleeves give it a dose femininity without being too cheeky. Ladies, this one's a keeper! 

Agoo layers a pink cowl neck polo shirt under the dress to give it a fresh twist and cinches the waist with a maroon belt for contrast. Her furry sandals anchors the shirt perfectly. I happen to LOVE this color combination. You must try this at home! 

 The Couva maxi dress is one of my favorites! Despite the heavy gingham print, it doesn't drown the wearer since it's cut close to the upper body with a slimming waist and a flared, cut-out skirt. Looks sooo good with a bright shoe and accessory, too! I know I'll be wearing mine to death this holiday season.  

 Checks a tad too much? Tone it down by wearing a black sleeveless vest over it and ta-dahhh it's a brand new piece altogether! 

It doesn't get any sexier than the Lampedusa linen jumpsuit in this vibrant shade of cobalt. It's another strong contender for the season's many holiday parties and reunions. Steal the show in this number! 

She jazzes things up with equally bold accessories to go with the loud color--red lips included. Not much is needed after, just a lot of confidence and attitude and perhaps a signature scent. 

There are wrap skirts and then there's the Calabria, making you want to go out for an evening of salsa dancing. At least that's what it does for me. The sexy slit lets you move your legs to the beat of the music, catching the attention of your date in the best way possible. Ola! 

Leave it to Agoo to think of wearing it as a top with flared jeans and the Guanta bug statement necklace, adding a whimsical touch to this modern Boho look. 

Can't not include the Tanapuna embroidered caftan as she is a certified caftan lover. The soft cotton fabric lets you move with ease without missing out on the style factor. 

True to form, Agoo adds an embellished belt to cinch the waist and give it definition as well as lending a modern twist to the relaxed shape. 

Another caftan, this time the Chaguaras, gets an update with a white blazer thrown over it and paired with neutral snakeskin print flats. 

 A single feather earring complements the bohemian embroidery keeping the look cohesive.

And last, the winning red dress in crimson! The Maratea is quite the First Lady staple with its conservative cut, cinched waist and flared skirt. What sets it apart, however, is the color: no wallflower would dare to wear this and expect to go unnoticed! 

It also doubles as a jacket when unbuttoned and worn with a monochromatic top and pants. In fact, you can even pair it with matching prints inside and temper it with the dress-cum-jacket. Genius! 

Watch out for our next Seeker and more styling ideas for the holidays. 





Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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