A Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora

by Mikka Padua November 15, 2020

A Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora

Mom-of-four superwoman Keri Zamora actively helps her husband Francis, mayor of San Juan, with projects that benefit women and children. After being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, Keri found herself putting together the Caring Keri program which aims to assist the women and their children in their community. The program focuses on women's health, the well-being of teenagers, and the protection of women and children's rights.

After dealing with her own cancer, Keri was inspired to give back to women who are also struggling with the disease. Keri, along with the help of her local government, recently signed a memorandum of agreement with Cardinal Santos Medical Center to provide free and discounted breast care and medical services for their constituents.

Get to know more about Keri, her journey with breast cancer, as well as the how's and why's of dealing with everything in a fashionable (and we mean that literally) manner.

Seek The Uniq - Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora


Seek The Uniq - Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora

After battling with breast cancer herself, Keri Zamora finds herself giving back to the San Juan community through the Caring Keri Program

Tell us a bit about your breast cancer journey.
I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer last Feb 2019. I felt the tumor while changing out of my gym clothes. Since then I’ve had three major surgeries, went through six cycles of chemo, and 33 radiation treatments. I’ve gone through countless of scans. At present, I’ve been taking this anti-hormone medicine called Femara, which I'll be needing for the next 10 years. 2019 was definitely the toughest year which really deepened my faith in the Lord and Mama Mary.

If you could hone in on one takeaway from your CA experience, what would it be?
I realized that even young women can get breast cancer. Cancer does not discriminate. I would’ve been more vigilant in exercising self breast examinations monthly.

On a lighter note, describe your daily uniform.
I love dresses. I won’t have to worry about matching my top and bottom. I usually wear them with sandals or sneakers.

What are three staple items in your closet that you can't live without?
A cotton dress, gartered pants, and a headband.

Seek The Uniq - Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora

Seek The Uniq - Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora

What is one thing you’ll let yourself splurge on?
I find myself splurging on exercise equipment. After my cancer diagnosis, I really want to invest in my health.

Less or more?
Hmmm... I’m in between. It depends with my mood. Sometimes I like wearing a lot of accessories like necklaces, but sometimes I prefer a minimalist look.

If you could design a piece of clothing, jewelry, or footwear for Seek the Uniq, what would it look like?
Honestly, I can’t think of an added design for STU because I love all your stuff.

Seek The Uniq - Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora

Which style icon would you want to have lunch with?
I admire many women for their sense of style from Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, to Taylor Swift, Zendaya, and Dakota Johnson. Since I’m a Swiftie, I’d pick Taylor Swift as my lunch mate. :) I admire her work ethic and how compassionate she is towards her fans.

If you could ask one thing to your style icons, what would it be?
To visit the city of San Juan and do a benefit concert for breast cancer patients.

Favorite fashion hack.
Using a scarf as a headband, a necklace, a belt, or a top .

What are some of your biggest fashion regrets?
Wearing stockings in high school whenever I would go out with friends. My mom wouldn’t let me leave the house in a short skirt without stockings.

Seek The Uniq - Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora

Seek The Uniq - Seeker's Spin: Keri Zamora

Fashion pet peeve?
I’m not a fan of kitten heels.

Have you ever lost sleep over a piece of clothing or accessory? If yes, what was it?
None. :) I invest in pieces I really like.

Can you say some encouraging words to women who are also going through a similar journey as you?
Don’t give up, don’t be discouraged. There’s always hope. Prayers work wonders in so many ways. Pray and count your blessings . Seek for the support you need and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Try to avoid comparing your journey with others.

Mikka Padua
Mikka Padua


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