A Seeker's Spin: Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez

by Nasia Cammayo Reyes November 29, 2021

Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez

Wife, mom, entrepreneur, and lifestyle personality, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, sitting pretty in our Larciano rope strap dress.

If Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, then there's also Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez—a face that launched a thousand (advertising) campaigns. We're pretty sure you've seen her everywhere: billboards, magazines, TVCs, campaigns, fashion shows, you name it. Mikaela started modeling at 15 and has since become a fixture in the fashion industry and in social media—she is a lifestyle personality and host of her own weekly IGTV series, "Saturday Night Life with Mikaela". If you think it stops there, well, it doesn't! This darling wife, mom to three kids, and entrepreneur also just recently opened her new business (amidst the pandemic)—Calor Membership Lounge.

Ahead, get to know Mikaela a little bit more and gather pointers on how one can accomplish everything with grace and bravura. Also, check out pieces from our holiday collection as worn by this model momma. 

Yes to prints for the holidays! Mikaela styles it up in the Garissa tent dress.

How are you and what’s a day in your life like in this “new normal”?

I think I’ve found my rhythm and have been enjoying my time at home. I have finally found the time to accomplish everything i’ve been pushing aside—first off were renovations, personal goals, and more time spent with my husband and kids!

My day starts with my youngest son, Maxen, at kindergarten. Then we end around 12:30 PM so we have lunch! Then after that, that’s when I work on my own stuff.

You first jumped into the fashion scene as a successful model. How did you transition to becoming a fashion and lifestyle personality (blogger, vlogger, and influencer) and an entrepreneur? 

I think it all just happened because I gave it a shot. Everything was out of my comfort zone, and totally new to me. But I think there's always something to learn and I just wanted to keep on going and growing. I still do.

This supermom has been modeling since she was 15! Seek the Morelia set here

Share with us three valuable lessons you’ve learned that helped you in building your career. 

Stay true to yourself.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone—challenge yourself and learn something new.

Acknowledge that you have not made it yet. There’s always room to grow.

With everything that you’re juggling, how do you achieve a work-life balance? Any tips that you can share to those who are struggling with this, especially to working moms like yourself? 

There’s always a time for everything. So it’s about setting your priorities, writing them down. What works for me is having a checklist—down to every little thing I need to do or person I need to call. And it’s really rewarding at the end of the day to see how many boxes you’ve ticked off your list.

Some days are busier than others but that's the reality of a mom's life. Things just need to be done. One step at a time. One little thing after another. 

We love a monotone look! Mikaela wears the Cecina top and matching Cerreto drop waist skirt.

How do you keep yourself motivated in these uncertain times?

Just by knowing who holds my future and my life. I trust that everything in my life happens for a purpose, and that God is good—regardless of the situation.

Whenever I feel unmotivated—I take that as a time of rest, which is so important too.

But life lately has been so uncertain, the only thing is to just keep moving forward—by simply waking up everyday and finding ways to make myself a better person: a better wife, mother, and friend.

"Some days are busier than others but that's the reality of a mom's life. Things just need to be done. One step at a time. One little thing after another." Watch out for this dress soon.

We know you love fashion too! Describe your personal style. 

I prefer classic styles over trendy ones. I also love pieces that I get to wear over and over again, but I change things up by mixing and matching them. I would say [my personal style is] classic, relaxed fashion.

Who are your greatest fashion inspirations? 

I absolutely love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Olivia Culpo, and [blogger] Julie Sariñana.

On keeping herself motivated: "I trust that everything in my life happens for a purpose, and that God is good—regardless of the situation." The model mom in her element wearing this stunning Volterra leaf print halter dress.

What style lessons do you impart or have imparted to your daughter, Noelle?

Comfort first! What’s the use of wearing something beautiful if you can’t sit/stand still? You wanna feel and look your best, but if you’re constantly stressing if it’s too low, too short or too high, people will notice. That’s why I think comfort matters.

Top three fashion items you can’t live without? 

Shorts, jewelry, and good underwear—trust me! If you have the wrong kind of underwear, it can totally ruin an outfit.

Share a fashion memory you’ll never forget. 

When I walked the streets of New York decked out in Givenchy from head to toe. I had an amazing photoshoot and headed straight into fashion week [for] the Givenchy fashion show of Riccardo Tisci

Mikaela's beauty radiates all the more with her confidence, passion, and grateful heart. She wears the Pylaia dress.

Nasia Cammayo Reyes
Nasia Cammayo Reyes


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