A Seeker's Spin: Valerie

by Nasia Cammayo November 12, 2017

Valerie wears the Canan top with high-waist trousers, her go-to silhouette for pants. Her ear candy of choice? The Mishael earrings!
We are lucky to have shot this fresh-faced #girlboss, Valerie Remoquillo-Jenni, who was on a brief trip in Manila but had time to play dress-up with the STU team. Since 2011, her home away from home has been Zürich, Switzerland, where she resides with her husband and runs VERA, an accessories startup. Looking back, she tells us that relocating ignited her to marry her passion for unique statement accessories with a desire to reconnect with her Filipino roots. VERA serves as an avenue for Filipino designers, artisans and labels to, according to Valerie, showcase their “craftsmanship and distinctive style philosophy”. Furthermore, she says that her online shop not only allows women to “discover beautiful, fun and wearable pieces but also know more about Filipino artisanship”.

This #girlboss totes her personalized woven bag from STU's creative escape in Morocco. 

In the business that Valerie is in, there’s no denying that it is also a reflection of her own style, where accessories take center stage. “Having founded an accessories start-up, it’s no small wonder I pay more attention to bangles and earrings than the average girl.” When asked whether she was really more of a jewelry/accessories girl than a clothes horse, we already had a guess on what she would answer. We were sort of correct, but like any girl with that dilemma, she says, “Why choose? It’s really about creating a personally authentic look with one’s clothes and jewelry, where the sum is greater than its parts.” True that!

So how does this Seeker describe her personal style? “Minimalist-romantic.” She usually goes for tank tops in different materials because she says she can easily wear them with most skirts and pants – well-fitted high waist ones are her favorite. When she feels like dressing things up, she’d opt for ruffles and low necklines but shuns “anything too girly”. She turns to brands such as COS, A.P.C., and Zara for her everyday pieces; Acne Studios and Céline when she feels like splurging a bit. And for her “romantic, wanderlusting tendencies”? Seek the Uniq, of course!

With a penchant for standout pieces, this accessories guru and businesswoman leaves us with three of her styling tips when accessorizing:

  1. Less is more. We’ve all heard of Coco Chanel’s rule of checking yourself in the mirror on the way out and removing one piece of accessory.
  2. Resist the urge to go matchy-matchy. Accessories are accents, pops of color that should be thoughtfully applied, not slathered all over.
  3. Raise your fashion game by adding a “third piece” accessory. Fashionable girls like STU’s Seekers are surely versed in this rule where one adds that third, extra-something element (like a statement accessory) to their top and bottom combo to create a polished and interesting look.

Valerie gets first dibs on this STU dress and styles it with contrasting accessories. 

Ring party, anyone?

Make a bright skirt like the Bovedas still the highlight of your look by matching it with neutral colored accessories.

Valerie slips on the Krisanisi linen dress and wears it with a stack of STU bangles and her rings. She says that "accessories are the punctuation marks to a sentence: they don’t always have to be there but you certainly know when they’re missing." We couldn't agree more!  

Inspired to accessorize more, dear Seekers? We hope so! 



Nasia Cammayo
Nasia Cammayo


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