A Seeker's Spin: Yessa Yu Caparas

by Nasia Cammayo April 11, 2021

A Seeker's Spin: Yessa Yu Caparas

Meet Yessa Yu Caparas: Safari Specialist by day, Spinning Instructor by night


If we are to name women who are BOTH fitness and style inspos, Yessa Yu Caparas would be one of them. No stranger to "best dressed" or "most stylish" lists, her style is a reflection of her passions and zest for life. Yessa is a Spinning Instructor for one of Manila's hottest fitness studios, Electric Studio—her classes are almost always full, and that's the way it has been even before shifting to virtual classes (yup, she's THAT in demand). She juggles this with her other profession, that of being a Safari Specialist, aka designing travel itineraries for a living. How much cooler can she get?

Life indoors has brought us great changes and adjustments, and Yessa has slowly worked around her "new normal". Part of her off days is rearranging her apartment where her knack for style comes to play—a peek into her home is like being transported to Africa, then New York, with its modern eclectic vibe. We honestly think she could also be an interior stylist! 

Ahead, get to know Yessa and learn a thing or two on caring for your well-being and embracing athleisure.


 Workout-ready in these Steady Movement tights

Yessa rocks this all-white resort chic ensemble, bringing out her gorgeous tan


How are you and how has life been since the start of the quarantine?

I am fortunate enough to say that life on pause has not been a bad one.

What’s your at-home schedule like these days? How are you taking care of your mental and physical wellness in the "new normal"?

I usually start my day with a shot of espresso immediately followed by a workout to wake up my mind and body. The rest of the day is mostly spent between checking work emails and trying new recipes in the kitchen. I still go out for essential errands when the occasion calls for it, as I strongly believe that seeing the outside world (although currently limited to the supermarket) and maintaining a sense of normalcy are very important for [one's] mental health. I've been incorporating a lot of mindful yoga practices and flexibility work into my workout routine to achieve a more well-balanced and holistic state of fitness.

What do you do on your off days?

When I am not planning trips for clients or spinning on the bike, you'll probably find me in either of the following scenarios and not in any particular order: rearranging my apartment, getting a tan on my little balcony, barefoot in the kitchen with a glass of wine while listening to music, practicing my crow pose in athleisure or between the pages of a good book (thrillers are my guilty pleasure).


Her style philosophy: "maximum impact with minimum effort". Yessa wears the Argenta jumpsuit

Yessa enjoys reading in her downtime. Her guilty pleasure? Thrillers!


Give us three of your workout essentials.

Yoga. Indoor Cycling. Lagree Method. 

You’ve got a killer body! Can you give us tips on how to stay fit while stuck at home (where we're prone to snacking, unhealthy eating, etc.)?

I honestly am the worst person to be asked this question because I am a self-confessed fan of indulging in comfort food. The best advice that I can give is to stop feeling guilty for enjoying good food or skipping a workout as long as you promise yourself that you'll do better the next day—whether it be snacking less/better or pushing yourself harder in your workout—and actually doing it. 

Aside from being a fitspo, we love your style too. Describe your style. Any style/fashion inspirations?

My general style philosophy is "maximum impact with minimum effort", which is why I gravitate towards one pieces, fun prints, eye-catching colors and architectural silhouettes. I love Japanese street style especially men's fashion. Issey Miyake can dress me up forever.


Showing us how athleisure is done by mixing in this Steady Movement Flow Bra to her look

Lounging made cuter with the Langata checkered set


How are you dressing up (or down) while WFH, in Zoom meetings, having date night, or just chilling?
Athleisure, athleisure, athleisure.

What are some valuable lessons you’ve learned while living in this new setup?

We're so conditioned and used to living such fast-paced lives, that it's given us a skewed notion of the speed that we should be living it. I've learned to appreciate and savour the slowness of each day. To live in the now and choose to be happy. Life is too short to be spent otherwise.


Not only does Yessa have a killer body, she's got killer style too! Cop these camo print tights here

Tan and toned. Yessa keeps it casual in the Lamu wrap top

This stylish chick's urban jungle

Nasia Cammayo
Nasia Cammayo


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