STU Picks: Beach Beauty Essentials

by Japs Medina May 18, 2019

Our beach beauty essentials will get you befriending Mr. Sun all year long

Sporadic rain showers and fluctuating temperature may signal the tail end of summer, but we still have a fair stretch of sun and sand left in our calendars. This also means cramming the last tanning sessions while making sure to care for your skin (and hair).

Since we are huge advocates of responsible tanning, we've rounded up some of the must-have beauty items for having some fun in the sun.

Protect your face from premature aging with some of our tried-and-tested must-haves

Let's start the conversation with an age-old debate: which came first, the moisturizer or the sunscreen? While the beauty world has agonized over this question time and time again, there has been no clear cut answer to this day. Some dermatologists claim that applying moisturizer first will affect the sunscreen's absorption into the skin. Other beauty professionals claim that moisturizer applied on top of sunscreen can tamper with chemical properties, rendering the SPF useless.

Whichever way proves to be most effective, our rule of thumb is to give each one enough time to sink into the skin. Our moisturizing picks for the face are Purple Tree's Miracle Balms and GVC's Glowing & Goodness Brightening SPF Day Cream. On the sunscreen front, Provamed Sun Aqua Serum Sunblock and Sun Bum Zinc Oxide Clear Formula both promise SPF 50 protection.

Don't forget to pop on a pair of Knockaround sunnies while you're at it.

Our roster of body gels and lotions will turn you into a safe tanning advocate

We all know that a gorgeous tan does not come without a cost - direct exposure to UV rays can lead to premature skin aging, sunburn, solar keratosis, pigmentation, and even skin cancer. Luckily, technological advances have paved the way for safer tanning sessions with better products coming out in the market.

While skin damage cannot be completely eradicated, it can slow down by doing pre and post-tanning routines religiously. Our sunscreen picks for the body include Sun Bum Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 and Zenutrients Papaya SPF 50 Sunscreen. Once your sunscreen is all set, spend less time under the sun by using the cult favorite tan accelerator Amazing Maui Babe Browning Lotion, finishing it up with their After Tan Healer. Exfoliate with Phina's Little Factory Scrub and moisturize with Skin Revolution's Aloe 99% Soothing Gel.

We must not forget that tresses need some love, too

Our crowning glory needs just as much attention especially after prolonged exposure to the sun and salty winds. We recommend Philippine-sought BeachBorn Classy Not Brassy Shampoo and Conditioner. Smooth out stubborn tangles with a Tangle Angel Brush.

If you're stuck in the city and craving those beachy waves, the BeachBorn Hair Sea Salt Spray might just be your new best friend.

Most neglected item on beach trips: deletactable scents in a bottle

Nature may have its own set of natural scents but one can't be too prepared. Make sure you have your favorite perfume like W.Dressroom with you at all times, even while at the beach. The Cadentia Eucalyptus Citronne Cologne doubles up as an anti-mosquito concoction too.

Dry bags are stylish and absolutely functional

Of course, bringing a ton of goodies to the beach won't be as fun without a cute beach bag. The MyTagAlongs Dry Bag is sure to keep all your stuff neatly packed and beach-safe. Comes in two cute designs, too.

That's our roundup of beach beauty essentials. Now go out there and enjoy safe tanning under the summer sun!

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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