Beauty + Balance + YOU

by Vanessa Santos February 01, 2017

Beauty + Balance + YOU


The true pursuit of beauty is more than skin deep. A tube of lipstick, a jar of cream, or a bottle of fragrance creates the landscape – but it is YOU that defines it. First and foremost, you need to have a sound mind, body, and spirit.

After almost 4 years of seeking the best beauty finds, I was ecstatic when we launched our Movement Category.  This closes the gap for a more holistic approach to beauty. The adage of "feeling good to look good" has never been more true... I found my center through yoga, and it is my wish that you find what works for you too.

Beauty & Wellness Purveyor, Vanessa Santos finds zen in the black mesh Amaya Performance Tank.


The key is balance. Wellness = Beauty.

We’ve sought a selection of mindful pieces that will (hopefully) inspire you to get moving with us…

Love & Madness Body Suits can go from the studio to a sexy night out.

Made from 100% recycled water bottles, Vichara Project Leggings are perfect for the Eco-conscious shopper.

Atsui Perfomance Tanks have built in sports bras, designed for ultimate support and style.


Having the right tools on hand are just as important to help you exercise safely and efficiently:

Slimming wonders Bliss Fat Girl Six Pack and SO2C Targeted Firming Cream will help you don the Love & Madness Crop Tops with confidence.

Yoga Rat Mats, Towels, & Blocks provide amazing support for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Make sure to spray on Yoga Love Wild Garden to sanitize all equipment before and after use.

Sweaty Band Headbands keep your hair in place without pinching.

Avene Thermal Spray soothes blotchy skin and is a quick hydration during a workout.


Take your journey from beyond the studio with our selection of wraps and cover ups:

Hanuman Multi Way Cardigans are billowy soft and flatter any shape. Discover how to wear each style in different ways.

Toss on the Hana Cover Up and off you go.

The Miho Sleeveless Hoodie is perfect for Manila's unpredictable weather.

The Chiyoko Mesh Hoodie is amazingly airy and light as a feather.


For those who are too busy to attend a class, find your center with these mindfulness tools on the go:


 Lovetuner Necklaces are hip accessories yes, but they are also meditation tools that bring peace and calm.

Urban Happiness Healing Oils bring instant relief and come in travel size tins to pop into your purse.


If you have never tried yoga or are looking for a new home base, we have special packages from Yoga+ Express Legazpi now up for seeking.

Their head teacher (and one of my gurus) Karen Demot, shares what yoga means to her: “I practice and I feel free from the complexities and drama of life. As I look inwards, I realize how simple it is to be myself. Although it is usually challenging, I remind myself that my actions have ripple effects I may not ever know. So I practice. Peeling away layers to bring out my truest self, living to uplift myself and others.”

Karen finds her flow in Hanuman's Graceful Motion leggings.


Whatever path you choose, making time for health and wellness is the best gift to yourself. May your life be filled with beautiful love and light. Namaste!


Your Purveyor of Beauty & Wellness,


Vanessa Santos
Vanessa Santos


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