3 Not-So-Typical Holiday Tablescapes to Try At Home

by Japs Medina December 02, 2020

3 Not-So-Typical Holiday Tablescapes to Try At Home

In case you missed the talented Kitty Bunag's live holiday tablescaping on Instagram, do not fret. Kitty generously took beautiful pictures of her designs and sent it to us to gift the Seekers with more holiday table inspo. A bit of a warning though: they don't contain your usual amount of red, greens, and gold glitter.
Here are three holiday tables that are definitely not on the typical side - as we would almost always have it.

1. Shades of (Dark) Green

When we think Christmas, we automatically think red and green. For this look, Kitty skilfully tones down the reds and sits down with a Pantone folder chock full of different shades of green, artistically mixes them all together, and calls it a day. What we love about this look is how it braves the fine line between tasteful and tacky. If you took items apart, one would never think that the different themes, colors, and textures would work but they do.
Some call it artistic; we call it the Kitty magic.

2. Of Vinyls and Vintage Postcards 

It may be the way Kitty snuck in some wonderful graphic print elements from vinyl covers, but the entire table leaped out at us like a beautifully made vintage postcard. We love how this table is colorful and festive without trying too hard (and without layering on glitter in 478532 colors). There are barely any template Christmas elements on the table, yet we feel the holiday spirit strong in this one. Definitely one to try for the upcoming season.

3. Dark and Dreamy

This tablescape design has a dreamy, dazed feel to it; it takes us back to when we were children in a losing battle to stay awake to ring Christmas in at midnight. It feels quiet and still, but very cozy. This is something that we imagine would be perfect for a quiet night in or for smaller, more intimate gatherings.
Also, we love the crazy mix of patterns in dark blue hues and black. We are huge fans.
We're ditching our gold and glitters for the upcoming holidays to try one of these tables. Our dilemma now is picking which one. Which one is your favorite?

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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