How to Dress from the Waist Up

by Mikka Padua March 20, 2020

As the whole world is rapidly shifting ways to live daily lives, what was the norm and mundane last week seem so distant and long ago. 

While video conferencing apps and platforms are relishing the spotlight right now and are thriving (Zoom for one reported an increase of 2.2 million monthly active users since the Covid out break), other companies are seeing cracks and struggling to get a hang of this new 9-5 setup.

Over here at our little bubble, we feel fortunate to be so accustomed to working remotely. We haven't found the need to download Zoom as we have always gotten by with emails and group chats: efficiently and effectively. 

So if I were to give tips on productivity while WFH (which no one asked for, but I'm gonna leave it here anyway) I'd only have one. Dress up for the con call, video on or not.

Never under estimate the power of dressing. Take it from someone who showed up to each cancer treatment looking like she was going in for a board meeting or a company hostile takeover. Showing up for Zoom meetings and video conferences from the comforts of your home is no different. Or wait maybe there is a minor difference worth noting: YOU ONLY NEED TO DRESS FROM THE WAIST UP!

And so I documented 4 looks that are safe to try at home. Some cautionary advice: beware of family members rolling their eyes out loud at you.


Agenda notwithstanding, dressing up for a board meeting from home can still be fun. Throw on a tailored jacket over your bottom of choice to look or feel that you mean business. There's a good possibility you will sound sharp and confident as you look when your boss starts bringing up quarterly targets. A cute neck scarf will add polish.


To set the mood, sit by the window to soak in the sun not only for good lighting but some good 'ole Vit D too. I thought of wearing a statement top with volume sleeves to dress up my paper bag shorts. Threw in a floppy brimmed hat for good measure. After all, we are discussing our next summer outing.


Perhaps one of my most favorite people to be in a meeting with are creatives. I absolute love the level of energy present when creative people are huddled together to discuss marketing plans et al. Such a Google calendar event usually prompts a more inspired #OOTD. Hence the layering of the Caucaia cropped top over a trusty linen buttondown. I may or may not be wearing bottoms with this WFH sartorial take but that's beside the point-- OR could be the whole point of this blog entry.

 Clocking off when working from home is just as important as clocking in. So when its time to celebrate the wins of the day, big or small, why don't you change out of your aforementioned #OOTDs into one of your fancy dresses hanging in your closet begging for your attention. Layer with your husband's dress shirt to make it more interesting and polish your look with gold baubles. Footwear optional. 

 Kin-Kin! We made it through Week 1 of lockdown and that's huge! I hope you are all taking care of your physical and mental health while staying in. 

Lots of love + a virgin Quarantini,


Mikka Padua
Mikka Padua


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