How To Throw an Intimate Virtual Dinner Party

by Mikka Padua July 20, 2020

How To Throw an Intimate Virtual Dinner Party

While some of us may still be stuck indoors whether by choice or not, doesn't mean we can't throw dinner parties anymore.  With all the unfathomable things happening around us, we have every reason to celebrate the little things we used to take for granted. Enjoying a good meal with friends, topping the list.

Hosting is one of my favorite pastimes that I sometimes wish I majored in hospitality but without the fancy. Our little family loves opening our home to friends and family but we haven't done so in the last 3 months. So I devised a way to still host an intimate dinner party albeit virtually.

STEP ONE: Pick A Theme and a Platform

As with putting together an outfit, hosting a dinner party virtual or otherwise, is best when inspired by a theme or mood. 

For my intimate virtual catchup with my closest and dearest, I picked Italian as the theme. I figured such is easy cuisine and tablescape-wise, even for the novice-- which none of guests were if I may add.

If not all of your guests are tech-savvy, make sure you do a trial run over your chosen platform be it Zoom, FaceTime, or HouseParty.


 STEP TWO: Send an E-vite

An invitation can just be as crucial as the food you plan to prepare. It sets the mood and gets your guests excited. Though nothing is more special than a snail mailed invite, a creative e-vite will have to do for now.


STEP THREE: Send A Starter Kit

Amplify your guests' excitement by sending a starter kit ahead of your dinner. This is logistically possible if you all live in the same city. Otherwise, get creative and find other means online. Though this step is completely optional, I"m pretty convinced the gesture adds a nice personal touch.

The contents of my starter kit include: a baguette, some lemons, and sparkling water. I also threw in a coaster that carried out our Italian theme.

STEP FOUR: Create a Playlist

A dinner party is not one if there is no music. Create a playlist according to your theme and share with your guests ahead of your dinner date.

STEP FIVE: Set the Scene

Prepping your food repertoire a few hours before is a given. Setting the scene with your tablescape, I believe is just as important. At the STU HQ, the most simple of meals are enjoyed to the fullest with a nicely put together table setting. If you don"t know where to begin, this might help.

Kitty's Tablescape





STEP SIX: Dress the Part and Enjoy

Getting ready for a night out or dinner with friends at home is one of the things we've been deprived of since lockdown. Others may beg to disagree but dressing up for me is half the fun! And I couldn't play hostess with the mostest without donning a dress that says so


Tip: Keep your guest list tight with four to six guests as a good number to start. It's small enough to keep the banter rolling but not too big you end up shouting at each other.

There you have it. Six simple steps to entertain virtually at home.


Your host (not always) with the most,


Mikka Padua
Mikka Padua


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