Le Coq Bleu

by Anne Bella December 10, 2016

Imagine having breakfast here everyday. Heavenly! 

My husband and I spent our 1st wedding anniversary in Baguio last week. The place is close to our hearts as we got married there and every trip, we try to take the unfamiliar route gastronomic-wise. Our friend Vicky Tinio of Mama's Table, where we had our reception, suggested we try her friend's bed and breakfast / private dining place Le Coq Bleu. The owner Chantal and her husband Boi prepare homemade French meals in their charming home, complete with a welcoming committee of adorable French poodles and a very friendly Rottweiler! Upon entering their abode, I immediately thought it was a very STU location filled with rustic decor, vintage china, mismatched furniture and an overall cozy ambiance. I could've stayed there for hours drinking wine and listening to the variety of birds singing by the window. We spent a few hours listening to Chantal's stories in between delicious bites of Boi's amazing osso bucco and her signature moussaka, while I secretly daydreamed about the simple life and serenity of residing in such a whimsical place. Suffice to say, we left with our tummies and hearts full, thankful for the afternoon that was. Here are snippets of that lovely day. 

Started the meal with this wonderful squash soup and hearty bread.Started the meal with a hearty pumpkin soup and vino we brought from home. 

Our host Chantal and her very sociable French poodles Juno and Zeus.

Hestia, the Rott wanted in on the action too!

The doggies probably sensed this scrumptious osso bucco! 

...and Carlo's moussaka! 

Their home was a feast for the senses. Each nook and cranny was filled with lovely trinkets. 

The second floor bedroom is part of their B&B, as are the meals. Whatever they eat, they serve to their guests. Just don't ask for bacon with your eggs, the French don't do that. Haha! 

Hubby is a happy camper!

We love Le Coq Bleu! 

You can find Le Coq Bleu on Airbnb. The house is actually green, not blue! They are also in Waze. Meals are pre-ordered a week in advance so ask for the menu and ponder on what yummy dish to have. 

Until my next STU-themed find, chin chin! 



Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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