Movement Muses Vol. 1

by Vanessa Santos August 14, 2018

Movement Muses Vol. 1

A big part of getting (and staying) on the fitness track is: Inspiration. As such, we will be sharing stories of strong, sexy women here on the blog.

Meet our first pair of muses from Saddle Row. 

 Saddle Row is a boutique fitness studio that specializes in taking the traditionally outdoor sports of spinning and rowing into a chic and streamlined indoor environment. Scores of people have joined the Crew, and with good reason—it’s addicting, fun, and the workouts kick ass.

Monica Preysler Dizon is a Schwinn-certified indoor cycling instructor at Saddle Row, and she is also certified to teach group boxing fitness. She is 25.

Gianna Llanes is 23 and is an Underground and Resistance Cycling Instructor at Saddle Row.

Here are excerpts from our chat with these two millennials:

What do you prefer ROW or RIDE? Why?

M: RIDE!! I love the rush of adrenaline you get from riding to the beat of the music and being in a room filled with people moving to the same rhythm. That sense of working together, creating energy in the room and pushing yourself further than you thought you could is unlike any other! G: I would have to say ride, too. I’ve always loved all forms of cardio and being on that bike gives me the feeling of invincibility!

How often do you workout?

M: Usually 3-4 times a week! Excluding the times I teach. G: I teach cycling thrice a week and go to the gym thrice a week.

What do you do before a workout?

M: I make sure to have a light snack and stretch before any workout. G: Drink lots of water and listen to some good RnB for that extra energy.

What do you do after a workout?

M: Stretch and hydrate! G: Eat! 

What is your favorite piece/s from the STU X Saddle Row collection?

M: The crop top and floral leggings.

Atsui's Kichi Mesh Sports Bra & Asami Capri leggings come in different prints and colors.

G: The peek-a-boo harem pants! They’re so versatile!

The favorite Nami Harem Pants are made with ultra soft terry fabric.

 Finish this sentence: “If I wasn’t a riding/rowing instructor I would be ____________________.”

M: A makeup artist! I love making people feel good about themselves. G: A sports reporter and television host - which is what I’m also doing now! 

These girls and their boundless energy are definite fit-inspirations. Whether you’re 25 or 35, a workout should be part of your life. As Monica says “Have fun! Don’t feel the pressure to push yourself past your limits or compare yourself to anyone in the room. We are all in different stages of our fitness journeys.”  

Let’s get moving.

Your Purveyor of Beauty & Wellness,


PS – STU's first Movement Guide Shop will be at Saddle Row Powerplant, on Aug 31 to Sept 2. Come join us as we saddle up and shop! #Seek&SaddleUp

Vanessa Santos
Vanessa Santos


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