How to Create Your WFH Space

by Nasia Cammayo May 01, 2020

How to Create Your WFH Space

I learned as a child that your environment highly affects your mood and the way you think. I did not take it seriously until I realized how not only my cluttered bed—I had books, my school bag, and some other knick-knacks by the edge—made me sleep uncomfortably, but also triggered stress. That was also the turning point of avoiding my bed as a study (now, work) area, as much as possible. 

By now, most of us—if not all—have already settled into our work spaces at home. Whether existing, revamped, or new, this is where we get our creative juices flowing—mine is an existing one with a few tweaks. While I may not be an interior expert, I've found ways to create a conducive area that works for me. Maybe these tips could help you too?

Find Your Spot

Look for an area in your home where lighting is good, you'll feel comfy, and there are no distractions. I CANNOT write when it's noisy or there's music, so I have to be isolated in a room—isolated in isolation, what are the odds? Haha! Whether indoors or outside (veranda, backyard, balcony, etc.), make sure to choose a spot that will improve your work flow. Choose well, because we have two more weeks in Quarantine!

Have a Desk

I cannot stress how important it is to have a desk for your work space. This will train your mind that you are "off to work" even in the confines of your own home. Choosing a comfy, well leveled chair to go with it also helps. No beds, please!

Tidy Up

My desk is small so I make sure I only see what I will use. I keep my planner, pens, power bank, laptop charger, stapler, etc. in my drawer and take them out only when needed. This helps in keeping my area clutter-free. Make sure to also wipe your desk (and basics) with a cloth and disinfectant spray, at least once a week.

Decorate Your Space 

Your space should most definitely reflect your personality. Display things that mean the most to you or inspire you—they could be anything from art pieces and photos, to succulents and mementos. I wanted to display my fashion work and something from my childhood, so I framed a photo from one of the editorials I styled, and practice sketches from high school. I also put a desk calendar (from my friend), because who doesn't want to see what date it is already? Haha! Also, it reminds me of my faith.

On the other corner, I have dried flowers—they're actually part of the bouquet I got from my engagement—in a small vase, candles; and a crucifix and medallion for protection and prayer time. I matched the color of the vase with the frames to tie everything together—I went for a black and white theme with pops of color. I also think a coaster is a must, especially when you're drinking (iced coffee for me!) while working. So lucky to have found this gem on a trip to Taiwan last year—skulls are my fave!

Get creative and make your space not only lovely to look at, but also styled in a way that's very you. But then again, remember to keep it tidy and clutter-free. 

Have Wellness Essentials on Hand

Aside from the aforementioned iced coffee, I always make sure to have my water tumbler with me. Let's face it, when we get so into our deadlines and tasks, we forget to drink water! Keeping ourselves hydrated is key to our well-being, especially now that it's summer. So yes, always have water with you on your desk!

Essential oils aren't called such for nothing. Having them within reach are good for unexpected headaches and that extra boost. I also have a hand cream ready, what with all the hand washing—not to mention the house chores, too—we do nowadays! Haha. Let's keep our hands always clean and moisturized, shall we?

Having our own WFH space not only motivates us to do our tasks, but also allows us to look forward to better days back in our offices, studios, etc. By building your ideal work environment, you are embracing productivity, creativity, and assignments finished in no time.

Enjoy creating your personal WFH space and thank you for #StayingInWithSTU.

Stay safe and stay inspired,

Nasia Cammayo
Nasia Cammayo


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