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Moms We Love: Natasha Holstine-Rao

Harper (6) and Sahara (8) evidently get their enthusiasm and charm from their mom, Natasha

Firm but playful – this is probably how we would describe Natasha Holstine-Rao as a mother. As someone who seems to have mastered different parenting personas, Natasha seamlessly shifts from being her kids’ BFF to strict parent mode. This tempered parenting mix is evidently bearing its fruits: her two daughters Sahara (8) and Harper (6) are growing up to be strong women (but not without their own quirks and flavors of humor).

We shot Natasha a quick round of fill-in-the-blanks to glimpse into her adorable relationship with daughters Sahara and Harper.

Ever since my daughters were born, they...


Natasha likes her outfits like she likes her home life: colorful

If I could say one thing to their grown-up selves, it would be...


Keeping up with the little ones: Natasha reveals she works out regularly with her little bundles of energy

They never fail to surprise me when they...

 The three ladies go matchy-matchy in blue outfits

The best part about being their mom is...

Japs Medina
Japs Medina