Partners in (the) Climb: Jennifer Yu of Pointe Studio, YogaRat, and MyTagAlongs

by Japs Medina May 25, 2020

Partners in (the) Climb: Jennifer Yu of Pointe Studio, YogaRat, and MyTagAlongs

How old is your company?

6 years.

How many people do you have in your team?

4 people.

How have things changed for you and your team with the WFH setup?

Our business is not considered an essential business so I just asked my staff to stay at home and focus on the health and well-being of their families. Since the ECQ was declared, I have been the one who takes down the orders, packs the items, prepares the billing statements, and coordinates the deliveries from my house. I have noticed that given our unique circumstances, people have found ways to continue their fitness routines at home since they can’t go to the gym, yoga / pilates / lagree studios, or see their trainers at the moment.

There has been an increase in inquiries for workout accessories like yoga mats, blocks, pads and towels via Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Whatsapp, and SMS. But since my delivery staff are all based outside NCR and can’t report to work, I have been utilizing the services of delivery service providers such as Grab and Lalamove. The items we could deliver are also very limited since we can’t go to our warehouse for a fuller range of items to offer. I am glad I have other online partners such as Seek The Uniq to handle online orders since our physical outlets and partner studios are currently closed.

Please share some photos of what your current home life looks like.

Any movies, books, or hobbies that you can recommend?

I took a castile soap making class a few weeks before the ECQ was declared so I have been keeping myself and my kids busy by concocting our own soap blends at home. My kids still have school so I have also been helping them out with their distance learning activities provided by their school. To lessen the screen time of the kids, we started playing board games and cards with them.

On lazy nights, I have been binge-watching Koreanovelas (my favorite K-drama now is Something in The Rain). I also found time to finally finish a book I have had for a long time, it’s called Grit by Angela Duckworth.

Can you share a 10-minute workout routine to do at home during quarantine?

I have been relying on Instagram and Zoom Live classes from Physique 57 Manila and Elev8 Studios PH for my daily workouts. If you want a quick but effective workout, Pamela Reif on YouTube has great 10-minute workouts; my favorite is her 10-minute sixpack workout video.

I alternate arms, legs, and glutes everyday, but I try to focus on my core daily since this is my problem area. I also use an app called Down Dog which offers free yoga, HIIT, and barre workouts.

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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