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Real Life Heroes

We received an outpouring of heartwarming stories about kindred souls who are helping the world heal one day at a time. We hope our care packages give you a bit of comfort and encouragement in fighting the good fight.

Allow us to share three stories that left our hearts all tingly. These stories inspired us to go over and beyond what is necessary and to extend help using whatever means we can from wherever we are.

To all the real life heroes out there: who needs the Avengers when we have you? From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you that are doing.

1. Geli Balcruz

“I would like to nominate @gelibalcruz, who was part of a successful Portraits for PPE campaign wherein all donations raised were used to buy PPEs for all our amazing frontliners. Not only that, you get a digital portrait as well in exchange for your donation and also help support our local artists! How cool is that?

P.S. They are now on batch 3 phase.”

Artwork: Geli BalcruzArtwork: Geli BalcruzArtwork: Geli Balcruz


2. Kris Trinidad

“I nominate @kwrisy, a nurse at San Lazaro Hospital. She is assigned to directly care for COVID patients. Kris lives outside of the city but has now taken one of the rooms provided by the local government of Manila and with this, she has not seen her daughter for almost a month now.

Since this pandemic, she is just doing what she can to survive. There was a time that San Lazaro Hospital was not even low, but out of alcohol, masks, etc. She said the janitors were the only ones loaning them soaps. They are reusing n95s out of desperation. But even with this situation, she remains very focused and hard working. She treats the COVID patients as her own family to lessen their worries and sadness. She even scrubs the floor so as to remain the rooms sanitized. That is how much she loves her job.”

3. Mau Aguasin

“Nominating @mariaxaurora who started #ProjectFoodTruckLP to help our brothers and sisters on the streets who need food, water, and other essentials to get through each day of this crisis. She’s doing an awesome job!”

Image credit: @mariaxaurora Instagram

Image credit: @mariaxaurora Instagram

Image credit: @mariaxaurora Instagram

Japs Medina
Japs Medina