Relaxed Dressing with the Elva Pants

by Nasia Cammayo May 15, 2020

Relaxed Dressing with the Elva Pants

Have you been enjoying dressing up—like you're going out—lately? I hope so! While I do recommend experimenting with your clothing pieces even at home, it won't hurt to take a breather and go for easy, relaxed dressing too. Mind you, outfits under this category need not be shabby and ho-hum; you can still look put together. 

The striped Elva cropped pants are a great alternative to your go-to casuals such as denim shorts, sweats, and leggings. They come in a roomy silhouette and are cut from lightweight cotton, which makes for comfort and ease of movement. Not only are they perfect for the (extreme) summer weather, but also for serving relaxed, snazzy lewks. Ahead, four ways on how to style the Elva at home.

Tomboy Chic

Eyes on the Elva pants

Time to borrow from the boys! Steal your dad/husband/brother/boyfriend's printed button-down, or pick something similar—Hawaiian shirts could work well too!—that you already own for copping a dandy look. Roll up the sleeves to mimic a muscle shirt, then finish off by knotting the front part. Feel like popping up your collar? Go ahead!

Finish off this look with a knotted shirt

Choose a warm hued top to complement the red stripes on the pants. Also, fold the pants' waistband to keep the focus on your shirt's knotted detail.

Basics on Reverse

Black tops for the win

My favorite part about these pants? They have such a unique shape that you can style whichever way you want to. For this look, I wore them higher to create a paper bag waist detail and paired them with the Malango bodysuit. I wore the latter backwards for a sleeker, more sophisticated ensemble, perfect for wine night with the girlfriends over Zoom.

Wearing the Malango bodysuit on reverse

When in doubt, go back to your basics and find a way to wear them differently. I chose black because one can never go wrong with it and for sure, we all have a ton of black pieces in our closets. Am I right or am I right? Haha!

Print Party

Utilizing separates with the Cosenza 

I love a good print on print, and werking it on the Elva is one way of applying this fun styling hack. The more prints, the merrier! Why? Because the stripes will actually give off the illusion of toning down your top's print (in this case, the lemons). Because of the pants' lengthening properties, this print on print look would suit most body types, especially pear shaped ladies. 

Are you up for a print on print lewk?

I wore the top from the Cosenza set that features a soft, cowl neckline for subtle femininity. This outfit is also about playing with textures and shapes, which is definitely far from boring. Make this your next date night look at home!  

Modern Minimalist

Restyling the crisp, white button-down shirt

Inspired by a modern minimalist look, I decided to use another versatile piece from my closet: a crisp, white button-down shirt. To make it more comfortable to wear against the warm weather, I converted it into a one-shoulder top. I wore it backwards asymmetrically, secured it by buttoning it up, and tying the unworn sleeve across my back. Don't worry, this doesn't need to look perfect.

What (home) activity would you wear this to? 

Fold one side and scrunch it up to create a three-quarter sleeve look. Put your hair up or style it on one side to balance off this textured garb. If loose on loose is your thing like me, try this semi all-white ensemble!

Definitely feeling relaxed in the Elva pants

Ah, the joys of dressing for indoors! There are no rules and you can be as relaxed as possible without sacrificing style, of course. Wearing easy, unique pieces like the Elva is just one way of getting creative with your outfits.

Hope this helps in planning out your looks for the coming days!  

Cheers to dressing up,

Nasia Cammayo
Nasia Cammayo


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