A Seeker's Spin: Aissa

by Japs Medina July 10, 2019

Fresh from Los Angeles, Aissa Castillo spares some time and a few pieces from her suitcases to do a style feature with us

If you’ve been following our posts closely, Aissa Castillo of aislerchic.com is no stranger to you. With fresh takes on STU pieces delivered regularly through her Instagram, Aissa’s OOTDs are easy favorites. A quick lookup of #seekersighting pulls up several of her looks (and we honestly wanted to post more but we had to give chance to others).

Fortunately for us, Aissa found herself flying out of the US and onto our soils - and straight into an inevitable Seeker’s Spin feature. The Iris Apfel fangirl spared some time and a few pieces from her suitcases to do a styling feature with us.

No to stiff dressing: Aissa emphasizes the mix of basics with statement pieces

When done right, a pair of statement earrings makes a lot of sense with a printed top 

Describe your daily uniform.

Basics + Statement. Unless I’m feeling really adventurous, then statement all the way! Ha!
What are three staple items in your closet that you can't live without?

My basics to high - low dressing: Denim jacket, metallic colored shoes, and a statement earring.

Aissa is not one to shy away from bold colors

Metallic shoes are a must for this stylish mom

What is one thing you’ll let yourself splurge on?

Travel! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to value collecting memories and experiences over material things.

Less or more? Why?

More! I like having options.

Shoes on point: these red heels make a poignant statement

Aissa's carefree countenance makes her a social media favorite

You're very active with sharing your style on your social media and even have your own styling website up. What made you decide to start blogging?

I started a blog in 2014, much like others, to simply document my personal style. A visual style journal I suppose. It started as a creative partnership between me and my husband (new spin on “date night” I guess?). What started with impromptu backyard snaps, soon transitioned into on-location styled shoots and collaborations with fellow creatives and favorite brands.

The blog has unfortunately taken the back seat as of late, and I have found Instagram to be my main social outlet.

Sneaks and skirts make the perfect balance of sophisticated and girl-next-door

Which style icon would you want to have lunch with? If you could ask one thing to that style icon, what would it be?

Iris Apfel. I would ask, "What’s your thought process when in comes to outfitting?"

Favorite fashion hack.

Wearing bright or metallic colors for an instant mood booster.

Aissa shares that her OOTDs depend on her mood

When starting your day, how do you decide on an outfit?

I dress to my mood + task at hand.

Fun fact: I usually wear bright colors on a gloomy day to bring my own sunshine.

What are some of your biggest fashion regrets?

No regrets here, just big learns :)

Fashion pet peeve?

When everything matches from head to toe. It feels so stiff and sterile.

 Aissa keeps things interesting by mixing leather, weave, and leopard print

Parting words to styling newbies: make it yours

Have you ever lost sleep over a piece of clothing or accessory? If yes, what was it?

Hmmm....this is tough. I want to say yes, but I can’t remember what it could’ve been. So probably no. Although I tend to stalk the Seek website for re-issues of some styles I missed on. Ha!
Any advice to readers who are still trying to find their own style?

Wear what makes you feel good. It is ok to take style cues from your icons, but make sure to put your stamp on it - make it yours!

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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