Seeker's Spin: Nina Ricci Eleazar

by Anne Bella February 22, 2018

Nina is wearing the Chama button down with our best selling Cadiz pleated maxi skirt. 

To say that Nina Eleazar came prepared for our shoot is an understatement. The sassy, confident avid Seeker was armed with two suitcases full of garments & accessories to style the pre-selected pieces her way. She is a true blue fashion addict and is open to wearing anything, especially pieces with print, color and texture. Unlike most Pinays who prefer to blend in, this lady is always standing out and stands proud embracing her curves like it's nobody's business. 

We've recently launched a new size chart that's more inclusive and fitting for the Filipina frame. I personally believe that no matter the dress size, every woman yearns to style her own version of the ruffled skirt, paper bag pants, wrap dress and cropped top whether she admits it or not. Nina is a living doll of an example and was ecstatic to learn about the shop's recent developments. This one's for her and all the other ladies out there who want a piece of STU in their wardrobe. 

I did a quick Q & A with the fashionista about her personal style and why once upon a time, she preferred shopping alone (as I do, too). Here's what she had to say. 

Describe your personal style in three words. 

Vintage, Chic, Modern 

Style Icon/s.

Haim sisters 

Favorite print and why.

Florals mixed with other patterns. I love how floral patterns have evolved over the years, most especially the recent months' floral frenzy---the prints have been pretty amazing! Gone were the days when florals were seasonal and very limited. A flower is a symbol of beauty, it can be used and mixed with other prints without losing its charm and it's very flexible. 

Shoe or bag girl. 

Both! Hahaha. But if given no choice, I have to say I'm more of a shoe person. 

Best fashion advice ever received. 

I was once told to not be afraid to show my true fashion preferences and styling, whether people comment positively or not, so long as I'm enjoying myself and appreciating myself when I look in the mirror; there's no need to get affirmation from others for self confidence when you step out the door. Another is not to be swayed by fads so easily, to buy pieces you can wear a hundred times, those that will grow old with you... which makes me a vintage addict! I have loads of items gathered from my mom who used to be a model. I saw from a young age what fashion is all about and that's when the love affair began. 

Shop alone or with someone. 

I normally shopped alone before, then with my fiancé and when I became a mom, with my daughters as well. Now, it's a family activity!  

Nina's statement necklace from her own brand Una Ricci. 

Nina in another version of our Cadiz skirt, this time lined in yellow blooms paired with her mom's vintage top. 

Bracelet stack from Una Ricci. 

Dressed turned kimono from a new collection. 

Statement necklace from Una Ricci. 

The Bovedas ruffled skirt in tomato paired with her favorite print. 

Vintage earrings. 

The Bemboka wrap dress shines with minimal accessorising. 

Hope this inspires you to embrace your individuality because there's nothing more appealing than a confident woman! 



Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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