(Stay) At Home with Ram Lopez-Vito Bucoy

by Japs Medina April 25, 2020

(Stay) At Home with Ram Lopez-Vito Bucoy

From working a full-time marketing and public relations career, Ram Lopez-Vito Bucoy now fully embraces being an interior decorator

If the photos look a little familiar, it's because Ram Lopez-Vito Bucoy had a huge hand in decorating stylist extraordinaire Michelle Lao's home. Ram's signature mix of antiques, warm weaves, and a tasteful amount of indoor plants, coupled with the most interesting little trinkets make for the most interesting aesthetic. If we could put his style into a category, Ram would play along the lines of restrained maximalism.

A proud pup dad to 5-year-old mini schnauzer Lula Ysabel (we've met her - she's absolutely lovely), Ram shares that he's quite the DIY-er around the home - in fact, he considers his drill his best friend. He also has a penchant for canes, gingham, and all things blue-and-white.

Peek into Ram Lopez-Vito Bucoy's home and get to know the designer better through his (much anticipated) feature.

Who are your design heroes?

I’m a big fan of architect and designer, Isabel López-Quesada, Bunny Williams, Mark D. Sikes, and artist William McLure.

Tell us about your design process in decorating your home.

I don’t really have a design process. I do what feels and looks right. My entire look veers towards lived-in and collected. I like things that are a little bit worn looking and roughed up, mixed in with something new to bring it down a notch and make it more livable.

If you could sum up your design aesthetic in a song title, what would it be and why?

Definitely Samba da Benção by Bebel Gilberto. One thing I don’t like is for a space to look contrived or predictable. My easy vibe and personal style match the stylish yet approachable spaces I create and curate.

Can you tell us more about your design journey?

I started my career in marketing and public relations over 15 years ago, working with top brands and corporations before transitioning to interior design.

At an early age, my artistic and creative potentials were already formidable and were already considered to have inherited from my mom Stella Valderrama Lopez-Vito’s aptness for the aesthetics.

Growing up in Southern Philippines, I enjoy creating beautiful and timeless interiors that embody an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, also mixing traditional and modern with chinoiserie.

Friends or Sex & the City? Who is the character you can relate to the most?

I love both shows but I lean towards Charlotte with a dash of Carrie - always smiling, always optimistic, and always loyal to her friends. She sees the best in people and doesn't ever give up on life.

An eye for detail: Ram gets his aptness for aesthetics from his mother Stella Valderrama Lopez-Vito

What coffee table books are on your must-read list?

My current favorite is Beautiful by Mark D. Sikes. Can’t wait for his second book, More Beautiful.

Which room do you spend the most time in? The least time in?

I definitely spend the most time in my living room. It is the best room in the house. It’s where I start my mornings and recap my days, and when people come over it’s always where they end up. It helps that my bar cart is right next to my sofa. Least would definitely be my tiny kitchen. I don’t cook at all!

What’s on your quarantine playlist?

I always have Sofi Tukker, Sunrai, Sirenes de la Fete and Poolside on repeat.

If you could wear only one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My dad taught me to embrace pink. I have them in linen, oxfords, and gingham. I love my pink trousers too!

Is there anything about your home that you wish to change?

My window! I’ve always been a fan of floor to ceiling windows but since I live in a rental apartment, my current window will do. Trick to give an illusion of space, floor to ceiling curtains.

Ram's interior design style tastefully plays along the restrained maximalist lines

Give us your five favorite Instagrammers.

· My friend Kate Sbuttoni in Hong Kong @gingerlampco her lamp and shade collection is a dream!

· @baan_botanica. Jirachai’s eclectic taste and gorgeous garden makes me drool

· @Maynilastyle for a dose of colonial preppy and rattan. Nikki’s taste is spot on chic!

· @Michellelao_ for a dose of design and fashion

· @William_mclure no-fail daily dose of inspiration. His posts is the first thing I check when I get up in the morning.

How do you hope your guests feel when they visit your home?

Relaxed and definitely at home!

As a doting pup dad, Ram lets 5-year-old schnauzer Lula Ysabel snooze in the master bedroom

What does home mean to you?

Your home is your opportunity to showcase not only where you have been in your life, but also who you are now and most importantly, who you hope to become.

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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