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3 Mood-Boosting Looks Using Separates

It was one of those days when I was feeling blah, demotivated, and glum. Maybe the effects of our current situation has already caught up on me? Or was I just getting restless? Anyway, I tried to fight the feeling(ssssss) and turned to my closet. 

I took out my Verdal top (in Pine) and its matching Kethra pants, a set I'm completely bonkers about! I just love the balance of loose silhouettes and just a hint of skin, thanks to the cropped cut of the top. Plus, you can dress it up or pare it down, depending on the look you're going for. Here are three quick outfits I came up with.

Making Christmas Colors Work

The Verdal top and Kethra pants worn with sporty sandals

Sometimes, you just see beauty in the unexpected and pairing this set with my multicolored sporty sandals was but natural. Yes, I'm aware that it's very Christmas-y, but that's okay! While my footwear of choice isn't all red, I feel like this pop of color made the look quite interesting. Certain colors may seem tacky at first, but you'll never know until you try wearing them right?

Bring Out Your Signature Pieces

Balancing feminine with masculine by styling the Verdal top with jeans and white sneakers

When all else fails, reach for your signature pieces—mine is a pair of high waist jeans and white sneakers. Think of the Verdal top as an update on your basic tee, so have faith that most of your bottoms will definitely work with it. But if you want to skip on overthinking your outfit, grab your go-to's and you'll be out (or ready for WFH) in a jiffy. 

Mix in Prints

Go for vibrant prints when wearing the Kethra pants

To balance out the wide-leg cut of the Kethra pants, I went for a bold, striped top. The result is a play on colors and lines, which even creates the illusion of length—so yeah, I feel like I'm 5'9" here. Haha! Going for a bright, printed top with these pants make your look more playful and would therefore, cheer you up. Watch yourself feel jollier with just an outfit change—that's the power of clothes.

The fear of uncertainty may get to us any day, but we have to keep going. As simple as dressing up for that Zoom meeting or making yourself a mean cup of coffee, try to get on with the day and go that extra mile to boost your mood. I can say that after playing dress up with these separates, I did feel better. Counting my blessings and knowing that I am safe with my loved ones also helped. 

Hope you're all safe and well, dear Seekers!


Dressing Down the Trento

I hope by now, you've grown accustomed to dressing up for the indoors and cherishing it. If you've already started wearing more of your festive pieces, then you have leveled up. Haha! But then again, there is absolutely nothing wrong if you still reach for your sweats or loose tees for comfort.

The question is, can you really wear your fancy clothes even at home? Well, why not! I say, just have fun and find creativity in styling yourself whether for that Zoom meeting or brunch with your family. My fancy choice? The vibrant, one shoulder Trento frock, which I dressed down in four ways for days at home.

Rugged Resort

My version of "resort wear" featuring the colorful Trento dress 

It's still technically summer, so I thought of an easy look to wear if I were by the beach or at a resort. Sun protection is a must so I chose a hat—like the Solano visor—that would serve its purpose while complementing my look. The dress is already a statement in itself so accessorizing with just the visor would do. I finished off with my trusty Birkenstock sandals to break the femininity just a tad bit. 

Good 'ol Birks never fail

Now, where to take this look while we're all anticipating that beach trip? Gardening, reading by the porch, or painting at the terrace, perhaps?

 Pop of Denim

Your white sneakers have been sitting around in your closet for too long. Time to wear them again!

Don't you just miss wearing closed shoes? I know I do! For this look, time to take out those white sneakers that have been hiding in your closet for months. Tie a denim jacket around your waist for an urban feel.

Another wardrobe staple needed for this look: a denim jacket!

Keep the sleeve folded for a more relaxed look. You can also save this for your next movie date or out-of-town trip.

Boho Roots

Care for a feminine yet boho look?

Taking inspiration from Seek the Uniq's roots, I went boho for this getup. I cinched my waist with a braided leather belt and fixed the dress' top part as if it were a blouson. Then, I wore my Lucine leather sandals—one of my fave STU finds that go with almost anything—to complete the look.  

Seek the Lusine leather sandals here

As for accessories, gold hoops or drop metal earrings are best. Choose a hairstyle that would be in theme, like a messy, side braid or loose waves. Heading out for a grocery run or meal take-out? Don't forget your saddle or sling bag!

Pants Out

Won't ever get tired of this combo

Here at STU, we'll always be fans of the dress-over-pants look because this styling hack can easily transform your outfit from chic to modern chic. I chose this cropped, "vintage" STU pair because I love how it highlights the colors of the dress. The Suzano or Limeira pants could also be your alternatives. 

Accessorize your look and treat yourself to a necklace (or two) here

Since the outfit is already color-packed, I went for a neutral pair of mules to balance it out. You can accessorize with a long, chain pendant necklace to keep things minimal.  

Your fancy fashion pieces—like the Trento—deserve to be worn and enjoyed, even while we're still #quarantined. By dressing them down or mixing and matching them with your other clothes, you are actually giving them more mileage. After all: your style, your rules. Just have fun with fashion!

Hang in there, Seekers! Hope we're keeping you inspired.


Relaxed Dressing with the Elva Pants

Have you been enjoying dressing up—like you're going out—lately? I hope so! While I do recommend experimenting with your clothing pieces even at home, it won't hurt to take a breather and go for easy, relaxed dressing too. Mind you, outfits under this category need not be shabby and ho-hum; you can still look put together. 

The striped Elva cropped pants are a great alternative to your go-to casuals such as denim shorts, sweats, and leggings. They come in a roomy silhouette and are cut from lightweight cotton, which makes for comfort and ease of movement. Not only are they perfect for the (extreme) summer weather, but also for serving relaxed, snazzy lewks. Ahead, four ways on how to style the Elva at home.

Tomboy Chic

Eyes on the Elva pants

Time to borrow from the boys! Steal your dad/husband/brother/boyfriend's printed button-down, or pick something similar—Hawaiian shirts could work well too!—that you already own for copping a dandy look. Roll up the sleeves to mimic a muscle shirt, then finish off by knotting the front part. Feel like popping up your collar? Go ahead!

Finish off this look with a knotted shirt

Choose a warm hued top to complement the red stripes on the pants. Also, fold the pants' waistband to keep the focus on your shirt's knotted detail.

Basics on Reverse

Black tops for the win

My favorite part about these pants? They have such a unique shape that you can style whichever way you want to. For this look, I wore them higher to create a paper bag waist detail and paired them with the Malango bodysuit. I wore the latter backwards for a sleeker, more sophisticated ensemble, perfect for wine night with the girlfriends over Zoom.

Wearing the Malango bodysuit on reverse

When in doubt, go back to your basics and find a way to wear them differently. I chose black because one can never go wrong with it and for sure, we all have a ton of black pieces in our closets. Am I right or am I right? Haha!

Print Party

Utilizing separates with the Cosenza 

I love a good print on print, and werking it on the Elva is one way of applying this fun styling hack. The more prints, the merrier! Why? Because the stripes will actually give off the illusion of toning down your top's print (in this case, the lemons). Because of the pants' lengthening properties, this print on print look would suit most body types, especially pear shaped ladies. 

Are you up for a print on print lewk?

I wore the top from the Cosenza set that features a soft, cowl neckline for subtle femininity. This outfit is also about playing with textures and shapes, which is definitely far from boring. Make this your next date night look at home!  

Modern Minimalist

Restyling the crisp, white button-down shirt

Inspired by a modern minimalist look, I decided to use another versatile piece from my closet: a crisp, white button-down shirt. To make it more comfortable to wear against the warm weather, I converted it into a one-shoulder top. I wore it backwards asymmetrically, secured it by buttoning it up, and tying the unworn sleeve across my back. Don't worry, this doesn't need to look perfect.

What (home) activity would you wear this to? 

Fold one side and scrunch it up to create a three-quarter sleeve look. Put your hair up or style it on one side to balance off this textured garb. If loose on loose is your thing like me, try this semi all-white ensemble!

Definitely feeling relaxed in the Elva pants

Ah, the joys of dressing for indoors! There are no rules and you can be as relaxed as possible without sacrificing style, of course. Wearing easy, unique pieces like the Elva is just one way of getting creative with your outfits.

Hope this helps in planning out your looks for the coming days!  

Cheers to dressing up,

Styling My Fave STU Pieces on My Mom (at Home)

In commemoration of Mother's Day, I share with you photos from this hot (literally!) and fun afternoon of playing dress up with my Mom in STU pieces, no less. My Mommy Nona is a fashionista herself so she was happily game (mind you, she's not camera-shy! Haha!) to don casual yet comfy looks at home. Like you, I have a ton of favorites from the brand but I chose pieces that would not only fit her well, but also suit her style!

Meet my model, my dearest Mom!


Sporty Casual for Outdoors (But Not Really) in the Breastee

Cooling down in the Neon Island x Mikka Padua Breastee 

Who doesn't love a good graphic tee? It goes with most items in our closet and we can easily reach for it on "nothing to wear" days. If you're feeling a bit sporty, wear it with a pair of joggers or even relaxed ankle pants. Pair with easy slip-ons or your go-to sneakers for some walking—or hanging out—in your garage, garden, or driveway. Finish off with a sun visor for sun protection and as a cool accessory too!

Mommy getting her Vitamin D

My mom likes her outfits colorful so working with a neutral palette was a breath of fresh air. I made sure to have her wear some jewelry because on normal days, she doesn't leave the house without piling them on. Haha! On wearing this tee, I usually fold the sleeves but I resisted doing that on my Mom because that's not her jive. What I did though, was tuck in the shirt to highlight her waist and balance off her long torso.

My Mom loves fashion too!


Loungewear Take on the Androgyne Kimono Top

Loose silhouettes can work on any frame. It's all about balance!

I love loose, masculine tops so this kimono top from STU's Androgyne collection is undoubtedly a favorite. With the summer heat getting intense by the day, I'd rather go for breezy clothes than fitted ones—that was the premise for this look. To create a loungewear-inspired outfit, don't be afraid to go for a loose on loose silhouette. It's key for comfort in this chic yet practical look to, well, lounge around the house, do some gardening, or work on your laptop.

Check out STU's Androgyne collection here  

To inject some color and bring out its mixed prints, I chose a maroon pair of wide-leg pants to go with the kimono top. My mom is petite so in order not to "drown" her frame, I made her wear tan weave wedges for added height. To give it a wanderlust edge, I added the Safari Buri Fedora and minimal jewelry.  

Is it just me or are all mothers green thumbs? 


Safari Style in the Varkaus Dress

The queen of the house in a Varkaus dress from one of STU's previous collections

I recently watched Mogambo, a 1953 classic film featuring Hollywood icons, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, and Grace Kelly. I was so inspired by their safari ensembles that it became my peg for this look. The Varkaus in linen served as the perfect dress for styling my Mom à la Linda Nordley (Grace Kelly). I also love this dress for its timelessness and versatility—you can pare it down with sneakers, or jazz it up with boots and a thick belt!

Who styled our home? My Mom, of course!

This getup could work for date nights at home, wine session with your girlfriends over Zoom or, (for moms) as your Mother's Day lewk! To accessorize, I tied a printed scarf around my Mom's neck, and finished off her look with leather slides. I sticked to a neutral palette to keep up with the safari vibe, where distracting colors are a no-no. I agreed to have her hair up to keep things neat and show a bit of her neck. 

I did not ask her to pose like that. That's all her!

No one said your house clothes need to look shabby or boring. Wear your fave clothing pieces (better if they're from STU! *wink wink*) and shake things up to still look stylish while indoors. While you're at it, why not style your mom or a family member as a fun activity? It's a great way of bonding and also an opportunity for editing your closets!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, your mom, and all the moms out there! We are lost without you. Thank you for everything that you do for us!

Stay inspired and stay safe!


P.S. Treat your Mom on her special day! Seek STU's Mother's Day Edit here.

5 Top Spring/Summer 2020 Runway Trends to Spot in STU

How's it going, dear Seekers? We're almost two weeks in under the Enhanced Community Quarantine and I hope the days have been treating you well. The news in the country and around the world has been getting crazier; though we need to keep abreast on the latest, we can always take a break from all that hullabaloo.

Among other things, we like keeping you updated on fashion. STU may not be a trend-driven brand, but it is our duty to be informed on the current trends and probably apply what would best resonate with our stories, once in a while. Thus, we've rounded up five of the top Spring/Summer 2020 runway trends and its corresponding STU pieces to add to your summer staples.

Show 'Em Who's the (Stabilo) Boss

Stop them in their tracks with this vibrant, fearless trend, as seen on the Valentino runway. Dare to wear a full-on neon look, or tone it down by pairing it with neutrals. If you're not too keen on it, a fun accessory or bag like the Solano tote would suffice. Choosing clothing with subtle neon details like the Garoua wide-leg pants, are also one way to wear this trend (hit us up if you want a restock! ;p).

Point Blanc

Guess the LWD (Little White Dress) will be this season's must-have, and we're not complaining! White dresses are such no-brainer pieces because they go with anything and everything. You can toughen up a frilly frock à la Alexander McQueen, or work a dress-over-pants sitch with our Gapa shift dress and Nelspruit palazzo pants. Freshen up a utilitarian ensemble by trying our breathtaking Trieste trench dress with nautical-inspired accessories.

Bra Tops are the New Crop Tops

As Nelly sang in 2002, "it's getting hot in herre, so take off all your clothes..."; we can't help but be reminded of it what with the 34°-36°C weather nowadays. A solution to this heat? Wear a bra top! Make the Lanvin show a reference and playfully wear it with a layered midi skirt, or go matchy-matchy with our Caucaia eyelet set. If you're feeling more relaxed but still want a modern look, take the top from the Dasi set (halter style) and match it with the Elva overlap pants.

We Made the Cut(out)

Donning this trend is a subtle way to show skin, while still maintaining that elegant demeanor. At Emilia Wickstead, the focus was on the woman's décolleté for a rebel femme, black and pink garb. Reserve the pastel Vetralla for an evening affair or wedding, complete with a sleek bun. As for that postponed beach getaway, take the Ugento linen dress with you for a day-to-night outfit.  

Power Puff

Reserved this for last because we're too familiar with it, that calling it a "trend" no longer counts. Haha! What is an STU look without the puff sleeve? It's simply basic in our style vocabulary! We're digging this tie-dye ensemble from the Isabel Marant runway for its street chic vibe. We can totally mention all our puff sleeve styles here, but we don't want you to get dizzy. Instead, we're putting the spotlight on two checkered, scene-stealing styles that could add pizazz to your closet: the Kroonstad peplum top, and the Rionegro button-down dress.

Hope this sort of news gave you fresh outfit ideas for that "bright future" we're looking forward to (after this quarantine period). Once again, stay safe and be healthy, Seekers!



Yellow There!

It's a jungle out there but we know that our resilience will help us rise above the crisis we are currently in. Despite being in these dark times, we choose to be positive and uplifting by continuing to inspire you, dear Seekers. Allow us to boost your spirits with some Vitamin F: Fashion!

While daring to some, we feel that yellow is such a powerful color. It's cheery, optimistic vibe will help lighten the dreary mood we now have. Not only is it a summer color, but also an essential STU one (we have an assortment of products in varying yellow hues). Allow us to indulge you in yellow-tinged outfits you can look forward to wearing once it's finally safe to go out, travel, push for that beach trip, head to work, and get-together with your friends. But then again, who are we to stop you from looking fab even at home?

Full-on Prints

Who doesn't love a print party? Sometimes it's better to make a statement than play safe. Try the Zwelitsha tiered skirt with the matching Welkom wrap top for an event or garden wedding. Downplay your accessories by going for neutral colored ones that won't overwhelm your total look. For a more casual take, opt for our comfy Theodore pants with the Emmet top. Stick to the color palette and play around with yellows and greens for accessorizing. As for shoes, sandals like the Aberdeen or sneakers, are best!

No-Brainer Dresses

Dresses are such easy pieces that on days when you're in a hurry or feeling lazy, you just throw them on and voila, you've got a look! The versatile Ustica is a must-have for out-of-town trips; wear it cinched at the waist with the belt tie, or loose and relaxed without. Is your birthday coming up? Be the belle of the ball in the Otranto wrap dress! Play it feminine with nude heels and gold danglers, or add an urban twist with sporty flatforms and a stack of rings.

Pops of Red


When a striking color meets another, the result is a daring yet playful look worth wearing. Inspired by the good 'ol ketchup and mustard combo, why not try the Kata maillot with a printed red coverup or robe (more here) for your next beach getaway? We're also diggin' resort chic looks and the Ayi set is one to utilize. Wear as is or as separates, then finish off with your chosen red accents and another summer essential—a hat!

Hoping these outfits cheered you up. What's your favorite? Tag us on social with #seektheuniq on how you would wear yellow!

Be safe and stay healthy!



Transforming STU Classics to Make Daily Dressing Count

We've once again given our classic silhouettes a twist in one of our latest stories, "Elevated Daywear", for your wardrobe update. The story focuses on making a streamlined and fresh edit on the styles that you love: wide leg pants, quirky tops, multifunctional skirts, and easy dresses. What's great about these is that they are actually buildable pieces that can effortlessly transform a look! Ahead, four looks that can further elevate your daily casuals.

Color Block It

Who is over the color blocking trend? We know we aren't! Besides, we think this styling trick will last forever. We gave the Petrosani pants a cool contrast by mixing it with not only one, but two tops! While we think wearing the Potenza alone can be daring but still oh-so-chic, it can also be layered with a crop top for added texture (and showing just the right amount of skin). We chose the Alfreda crop top for an extra peep of color. Finish off this ensemble with white accessories to balance everything out.

Add a Gentlewoman Touch

For a modern take on our new midi dress (coming soon!), we decided to make it gentlewomanly (aka "tomboy chic"). We paired it with a boxy blazer like the Reno and scrunched up the sleeves, for a play on silhouettes. Accessorize with a travel-friendly sling bag like the Olivia for easier movement as you go through the day. As for shoes? A pair of mandals would be perfect!

Go Neo Nautical

Nautical dressing is a perennial summer trend we always look back to for vacation-ready attire in three crisp colors: white, red, and navy blue. White is always a great canvas to start with, so we made these paper bag shorts the outfit's key piece. You can wear it with a basic turtleneck top and layer the Banha crop top over it as a vibrant addition. You can't lose the stripes in a nautical-inspired look! We were feeling playful so we accessorized with the Annika shell earrings and used the Laura bag as a clutch. Lastly, wear this garb with neutral colored footwear or better yet, clear ones like the Delphi!

Play with Lengths

While we can't stop wearing dresses over pants, we're into skirts over dresses as well! Take for instance this outfit, where we styled the Kabina over this beige midi dress for a play on lengths. Don't you just love layering? We skipped the structured leather bags for a woven one like the Nova, to create a tropical antithesis to it. You can complete the look with equally sleek footwear like these white pointed mules. Now you know what your next work outfit looks like!

We hope we inspired you to mix and match your go-to pieces for everyday, to transform them into creative lewks for any any activity or occasion. Tag us on social with #seektheuniq so we can see what looks you've come up with! You might just see yourself on our page. ;)