The Gypseek Atlas, Escape Edition

by Anne Bella January 09, 2018

Last December a few weeks shy of Christmas, we opened our second Guide Shop with a Mexican tienda theme at Power Plant Mall's newly opened wing to enthusiastic response from old and new Seekers alike. The Gypseek Atlas, Escape Edition is the first time we had a physical shop within the mall and allowed our customers to purchase the items displayed instead of going online to buy. It offers a chance for shoppers to try on, touch, feel and see live their coveted pieces and if their choice happens to be at the store, they had the option to take it home with them! Suffice to say, this made everyone a happy camper especially during the Christmas rush when last minute shoppers no longer had to wait for their purchases to be delivered. 

The guide shop will be at Power Plant Mall until January 31 only and after that, we are back online and all purchases made will be back to regular programming, brought to your doorstep. 

Come and say Hi, try on your size and keep us company until the end of the month! If you're lucky, you might even chance upon sangria day. Yup, we do use the fruits in the store because in true STU fashion, nothing goes to waste. 

 Our home section side by side with garments for easy access. 

STU's original muse Hillarie was on hand to play glam shopgirl during the holidays. 

The bright boudoir contains accessories from local designers and global finds. 

Books on design side by side plates and note cards because we're random like that. 

We've got a couch for the kids and men to hang out in while their ladies shop!

Hill modelling an Intricado dress that was snatched within days! Watch out for the re-issue coming soon. 

Hope to see you at the shop this month, Seekers! Would love to meet new ones as well. 



Anne Bella
Anne Bella


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