The Ladypreneurs: Kelly & Wendy of The Calm Chakra

by Japs Medina April 06, 2021

The Ladypreneurs: Kelly & Wendy of The Calm Chakra

If you're wondering what great time management looks like, let sisters Wendy and Kelly of The Calm Chakra inspire you. Both based outside of Asia, these two sisters are getting things done remotely - and they are getting it done really well. Wendy, founder of brands Soul Apothecary, Stones for the Soul, Jade Roller Manila, Good Ions, Oile & Co, Vitagems, and Glossylicious, brought the first jade roller to the Philippines about seven years ago while based in Canada. Before you wonder how she manages so many brands all at once, you'd be surprised to learn that she's doing it part-time. Wendy juggles family time, her brands, and a 9-5 job as a manager in an IT company.

Kelly, on the other hand, deals with the design side of The Calm Chakra - a fitting role given her two passions. "There are two aspects of me: I’m an artist and a healer," she shares. As an artist, Kelly loves painting portraits, which she shares with the world through her website, "As a healer, I use various healing modalities. I specialize in the Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy (QHHT®) method developed by Dolores Cannon," Kelly continued.

Get to know these two busy ladies in their Q&A below.

Kelly, who designs the brand's pieces, identifies herself both as an artist and a healer 

Wendy, manages several brands, including The Calm Chakra, remotely while working as a manager in an IT company

Tell us a bit about your entrepreneurship journey (how it started, etc.)

Wendy: My online selling stint started 7 years ago. My Mom who was 65 years old wanted me to look for a Jade Roller for her because the one she had from 40 years ago was already broken. I looked all over the Philippines but there was none! So I sourced it outside the Philippines and got a couple of extra ones. That time I decided to set up an Instagram account to test the market. To my surprise, it got a lot of interest from celebrities and influencers and the rest is history.

Kelly: My focus has always been more on the creative side of the business… art, product development, photography, writing, healing… so I think that Wendy and I make a great team because she actually is more interested in the other parts of running the business…

Have you always been entrepreneurial? How did you grow into your entrepreneurial role?

Wendy: Yes, in college, my Parents set up a food business and asked the kids to run it. That exposed us to different aspects of managing a business.

Kelly : Yes, always drawn to being independent doing my own thing, and was not really drawn to the corporate world. Love the excitement of creating something from scratch and watching it grow.

Favorite book/s that inspired or motivated you in your journey?

Wendy: "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries. It is about a new approach being adopted across the globe, changing the way companies are built and new products are launched.

Kelly: Dolores Cannon’s amazing books detailing her discoveries of “Lost Knowledge” from thousands of past-life regressions. My life changed completely after reading her books. I have always been a truth seeker - and so I was just so fascinated and deep down I felt this truth completely resonating with me. I just couldn’t get enough!! I knew that this was for me. I wanted to help bring this type of healing and transformation into people’s lives! I believe that we all embarked in this life journey to joyfully follow a path that we set out to experience. For most of us, we have forgotten; and so we once again seek to reconnect with our higher self and spark that light that will illuminate our soul’s path.


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What’s your caffeinated beverage of choice?

Wendy : I’m a Matcha Lover!

Kelly : Coffee black ,preferably with multigrain toast and lots of grassfed butter on the side

Share one instant when you felt like giving up and how you got over it.

Wendy: I’m an optimistic person and I always look for opportunities during challenging times. I’ve never felt like giving up, challenges excite me.

Kelly : I’ve started a few businesses in the past that didn’t quite make it. It was difficult especially because I was younger then and was more concerned about how others will perceive my failure. I really needed to take a break, heal and reflect on things. Over time I realized that they were not really failures but actually were actually learning experiences… it’s like paying a tuition fee but instead of paying it to a school, I paid it to the school of life … the lessons were invaluable and they were all stepping stones to becoming the stronger person that I am today.

Virtual meetings: yay or nay?

Wendy: Yay! That’s how I run my business from Canada!

Kelly: Yay! So many things can be accomplished remotely! Although in person meetings are quite important for some healing sessions.


Despite having to juggle many passions, these two women put their families above everything


What does your typical work day look like?

Wendy: I have a 9 to 6 Job in Canada and I manage my Philippine brands during my free time.

Kelly: It just depends on what I have ahead if me for the day. Some days are dedicated to my healing practice, some days are dedicated for the calm chakra which can include anything from product research/ design, photography, website updates, writing, social media, fulfilling orders, communicating with customers, etc. And there are other days I dedicate to art - which is my original passion before I dedicated myself to healing via crystals and other modalities. I try to meditate everyday, and it’s essential to keep me centered for the work I do. Some are short 2 or 5 minute meditations and some are longer at around 20-30 minutes. It just depends on what I can fit in my schedule for the day.

What does rest look like for you? What do you love doing outside of work?

Wendy: I love Yoga and meditation,, I take time out daily to de-stress and this helps me attain the balance I need in my life.

Kelly: Because I work from home, I can be an all day workaholic if I don’t check myself. But I have made an agreement with my higher self to love and nurture myself and make myself a priority as well. I reward myself with a nice relaxing candlelight bath with himalayan sea salt + lavander oils at least once a week. No distractions from phone, just myself and some peace and calm. I really find this so nurturing. I love listening to music the old fashioned way — the vinyl record! Also love listening to audiobooks. I meditate daily, either short or long, just depends on the time I have for the day. I take a hip hop class and do a yoga session once a week. And whenever possible the whole family sits together to watch a quick 30 minute light-hearted comedy series at the end of the day.

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How do you maintain work-life balance?

Wendy: No matter how busy I am, I make sure to plot personal and family time. Things can get really hectic so I set my work hours and stick to it as much as possible. It’s all about time management.

Kelly: I think my answer would be same as above.

Were there any challenges you faced along the way as a woman in business?

Wendy: It was just learning opportunities. I remember when I managed our first business; I went to SM to offer our products. I did not know the difference between terms and consignment, the purchaser was trying to offer me terms but I said we can have consignment instead! That was my biggest business boo-boo.

Kelly: I personally feel that women have are strong and capable deep inside so even if there were external limitations dictated by society, I never really felt subjected to it... perhaps because art + healing are very heart-based and so as a woman and so I was able to naturally embrace and embody it. I’m also the type that is not afraid to deviate from the norm the older I get, so the absence of that fear of being judged makes it a lot easier.

Name three women you look up to that inspire you in business.

Wendy: Emily Weiss, CEO & Founder of Glossier; Tina Sharkey, CEO & Co-Founder of Brandless; Priscilla Tsai - CEO/Founder - Cocokind

Kelly: This is hard for me to answer honestly, I am inspired by anything and everything so I cannot really attribute it to a few that dominantly inspires me. But here’s a few… Athena Calderone @eyeswoon, Pamela Moell Stiltje, Pippa Small — I admire them for their originality, and for their ability to turn their passion into a thriving business.

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Three favorite Instagram accounts you follow.

Wendy: @beautywithinofficial @skincarebyhyram @gothamista

Kelly: #miguelfloresvianna (not really an IG account but I love following this tag), @theworldofinteriors, @soulguidance

What’s on your playlist?

Wendy: Lizzo, Dua Lipa

Kelly: Bach, Yoyoma, Baby Driver album, Queen, Roberta Flack, Vienna Boys Choir, Sing Sing Sing Swing

What one piece of advice would you give any aspiring female business leaders reading this?

Wendy: If you’ve got an idea, go for it! Some of my brands were conceptualized overnight!

Kelly: Consult your brain, but definitely follow your heart. This is the true strength of the woman. I have nothing against the male gender. In fact, I do believe that there needs to be a balance between masculinity and femininity in each person. The problem arises when a female tries to be more male, asserting too much, to stand out in a male dominated society. I think it is truly, truly important for a female to let their femininity shine in a gentle, nurturing, balanced way.

Japs Medina
Japs Medina


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